Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day #17 - Embracing my inner Oopsie

Good evening, friends!
I am blogging in the evening, because well, I can!  I'm an adult... there are NO set rules, just daily creating, right?

Today, this morning, was my first "Wordless Wednesday."  I posted a table runner I really enjoyed making and liked visually and added a couple of my photographs that just seemed to say: "Hey, here's something pretty and oooh, look, we go together!"

They photos and the work, yes they are mine, but if you need them?  They fit in your world, by all means, have at them, be creative, do as you will!  :o)

So, you'll notice I mentioned the "Oopsie".... hmmmm... freaked out this morning AFTER my blogging post.  If you've read any of my other posts, you'll know I've been working on some items for hubby's wresting team.  I can finally post them as we made it through the banquet this evening.  Always a bit of sadness as you say goodbye to the seniors, but after 29 years you learn it's only "see you later"!

AsI am now the proud owner of an embroidery machine OF COURSE I jumped in and said I would be HAPPY to make some of your awards/goodies/etc!!  I cruised over to one of my favorite sites, found some great wrestling designs and went to work. 

For starters, can I say it is WAY easier to create on 100% cotton quilt fabric than T-shirt/polo shirt material?  First off, just getting the shirt locked in and on the machine is NO easy task!!  The T-shirts came out pretty good.  Adding writing was a bit of a challenge, but I felt the results were acceptable. 

So, on to the shirts for the wonderful young men who assisted him...nice navy polos.... #1 was okay... came out pretty good, I was cruising.  So, on to #2...did I mention I was trying to do it BEFORE work? stress there.  Suddenly I realized the machine was making a bit of an odd noise, not necessarily a good one.  I looked over to see the little man SUCKED INTO THE MACHINE!!!  OH NO...massive bobbin attack!! 

The white by the Oopsie at the top of this post is a HOLE in the shirt!  Did I also mention we live 45 minutes from the nearest store with shirts?  Oh, and I had to head to work?  And I had about a total of an hour between returning from work and going to banquet?  No...well, I did!  Stress level = WAY UP!  I consider myself a bit of a solution oriented kind of chick..let's make a patch!  Result, the outside border was ICKY!!!  At that point, I put the shirts down, grabbed the Oopsie and moved on!

Moral of the story: life goes on ~ the boys loved the shirts that are done, the video was a huge hit (especially with the moms & dads!), and my hubby still loves me, even though I feel like a giant Oopsie sometimes!

Also, thought you might like to see what we are doing at work (the wonderful and fun Peterborough Historical Society: an amazing exhibit on the stories of people from our area during the Civil War.  It opens on Friday, folks, so come on by!  My wonderful friend and boss Michelle and I are are pretty darn creative so if you are in the area, come on by!  $3 admission, Wednesdays through Saturdays, starting this weekend! 

Have a wonderful night, all!

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