Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1 Year, 12 Months, 365 Days of Creating

#1 ~ Embroidered Block

#2 ~ Embroidered Tote

That's what I am going for! 365 days of creating! As I mentioned in my last post, that's pretty open!

Creating, for the purposes of this project, can be any of the following:

  • Actually MAKING something, anything, you name it! Tried and true, something new! Whoo hooo! (NOTE TO SELF: this does NOT mean I have to create a single object each day, though I can, but that working on something "counts" too!)
  • Scanning the world for ideas: the Internet, magazines, books (good for days when I am NOT at home!)
  • No holes barred on what I can try! Best idea, for now, things I have! Wait...I think that is a great place to start!! For right now (perhaps first month?) NOTHING new as far as materials! How's that? (wait, would little accessory like thread count? Hmmm... let's think on that!)
  • Creating pattern/project ~ to go along with an item? Sounds good!
  • So, I think my next step for today will be to dust off some knitting needles and grab some yarn to have a bag ready I can take with me if I head out and can't work on anything here! Oh...how about one of the projects is a bag to carry that in???? I LIKE how this works!

Off to get started!

PS. The the purple block and the tote are #1 & #2. Can't wait to see what today's will be!!

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