Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day #8 - Week 1 over...week 2 begins!

Good morning, All!
An early morning here as 3/4 of the family was off to "open gym" softball before 6 AM!!!  Me?  I'm in jammies having breakfast!

Yesterday was loads of fun!  Made up a set of a "Lil Back Sack," a bag tag and headband, all in coordinating black and white!  The Back Sack has a machine embroidery of a piece of music made with birds for the notes!  Lots of ironing, some zigzag stitching (till I get me a serger!) and a bit of playing with what to use for what, so all good!  Now, I need to decide if I am going to use them for my niece's bday or pop them up on Etsy! 

Also worked up another of hubby's shirts for awards, dang, but they come out pretty professional looking!  :o)  I found a great site with lots of free designs and then LOADS of field hockey, wrestling and softball designs called "Embroidery Designs.com"  ~ pretty straightforward, eh?  I got some (okay...a few...just couldn't decide which ones!) for $5 each ~ which is more than I usually pay (yup, like the $1/$2 ones at Embroidery Library, baby!)  But they were of wrestlers and such!  Most sites don't have that sort of thing!  So, I grabbed, well...some! 

This of course proved stressful for hubby as he had to finish his calculating of how many of this and that, made stressful by having to look through 29 years of records (YUP, that's how long he's been coaching!) and the fact that Word locked up on the computer BEFORE he'd saved about an hour's worth of work!  YIKES!!  All good in the end, though.

Spent a wee bit of time working on a tag for my finished products. Played around with a half dozen fonts and then printed them up for the fam to see and "vote" on.  2/3 vote selected the one I am going to try!  Now to create them!

If finished up my night by attacking the table in my studio/room/etc space.  It had been the repository of, well... EVERYTHING that comes into that room!!  And you KNOW how neatness/things in their place/whatever you want to call it makes the karma better?  Well, I'm FEELIN' it!!  Oh, and do you know there is a website call Unclutterer?  I'm going to make it my home page, lol!  There is a great piece about putting away laundry!  They said the key was NOT to have more clothing than storage for it...my goose is cooked then...sigh...

Well, of to meet the day ~ hope yours is a wonderful one!

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