Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day #3

I realized this morning (it's currently 6:53 AM) that what I wrote yesterday morning was about the day before.... oops! Anyway, it's currently Thursday morning and I'm chatting about Wednesday (if it's at all confusing!)

Couple of crafting goodies yesterday:
  1. Finished up a "string bag" - I'm calling a "Lil Back Sack". You know, one of those popular little bags for your bag, straps going through casings at the top? We get them for sports all the time! Handly little buggers! Anyone, the one I'm making is cotton, has an embroidered design and clothesline for the strap. NOT so sure about the clothesline...have to try some other's out. Working on a pattern for "how to" as well.

  2. Am creating (as I have for a few years and for field hockey, wrestling and softball teams we are a part of...) hubby's wrestling team slide show for the end of the season. Have gone through hundred's and hundred's of pictures and got the seniors photos all in the files of the program.. Now, for all the others!! GO CV!!

  3. Started a bag with one of the fabrics I picked up on Tuesday ~ the purple/gold floral. I used iron on interfacing on that piece, picked a coordinating Thimbleberries for the interior and am whippin' that baby up! May be able to finish before heading to work this morning (if the dishes and laundry don't get in my way!)

I have to say that I went to bed last night feeling really okay about the world! It is truely amazing what being creative can do for the mental state!

Enjoy the day, all!


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