Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day #17 1/2 - So I just CAN'T NOT blog in the morning! Lol!

Good morning, friends!

This will be a quicky as well...just 'cause!

I've been checking about blogs since taking the Process Pledge from the list off of Rossie's blog!  It's wonderful!  There are now over 580 people listed who've promised to NOT just put the perfect endings out there - my Oopsies fit perfectly! 

While clicking through them this morning I found one I HAD to check out: Obsessive Crafting Disorder (or OCD!)  The title caught my eye and I found myself clicking "Follow" almost right away!  She's having a drawing tomorrow for a set of fabrics, so follow this link and you may win!!  You just never know you you are going to meet out in the blogging world!

I was looking for a nice picture to add some color to today's blog and snagged one from a couple of years ago with my best bud at her wedding.  I'm on the left and she's on the right.  Thought it would be nice to put a face with the name ~ and honestly, there are NOT too many pictures of me out there!  I prefer to be BEHIND the camera, thank you very much!

Enjoy the day, All!

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  1. Hi Carrie, thanks for mentioning me! It is nice to "meet" you, too!