Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day #2

Well today was over the top in creating! Yah, baby!

I did the embroidery design for the sweet tooth fairy pillow above in the morning and finished it in the evening. I listed it today on Etsy!

In between? (you know the music for the Wicked Witch on the Wizard of Oz? Play that in your head as I go through my day!!) I was out on eBay pricing needles for my embroidery machine (I've snapped several of the few that came with it...), crusing on the Net in search of just the right software to be able to convert jpg's to pes (no luck yet! just not sure!), headed out to Keene to hit JoAnn's (for Peltex to make luggage tags from Cherie!) and then I got to thinking about how I want to make a bag to carry knitting and I suddenly remembered that the Mill End Store was in Keene (now called New England Fabric Store) and that they carried heavy weight fabrics ... so....zipped my little self over there first! The picture above of fabrics on a chair is the result of that part of my day! Next stop was Target ~ needed shirts to embroider for hubby's wrestling team (can't give details...muahahaha!) and then a stop at JoAnn's (my original destination) for Peltex and ... well... I couldn't stop there? Could I? Nope! Patterns, baby!
Finally, time to head back home! Once I got back, it was time to print out the designs for the shirts (will post those AFTER the banquet!!), sew the tooth fairy bag together, up load pix to computer, started a piece of knitting (which I took with me when I toddled off to bring DD to driver's ed and did while she waited... working on a scarf... and another reason I NEED to make a bag for knitting!!
Phew...I think that does it! This creative thing, it's fun!! Lol!!
Until tomorrow!
Enjoy the day!

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