Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day #23 - Fruity Fun Snowball blocks turned into project! Woot woot!

Good afternoon, all!

A bit late in posting today as I had to be a mommy/wife and get groceries because, dare I say it, there is a rather large snowstorm (the words Nor'easter are being thrown around) headed our way tomorrow evening into Friday.  Had to stock the cupboards!

Have a wee bit too much fun yesterday after posting the Fruity Fun project.  Fabrics are on their way to several folks already, so I can't WAIT to see what you do!  There are still a couple left, so pop back to yesterday's post and sign up if you want to give it a try!

I also realized we need a way to see what others are doing, so I started a Yahoo group to share our work. Stop by and join, if you want to post pix!  I assume it will be slow to start, but you have to begin somewhere, right?  I've created a folder to post pictures of the Fruity Fun pieces.

So, about the fun I had?  I decide to play around with sizes and such and wondered what sort of things we could do with these yummy goodies?  One thing became another and the next thing I knew I had a tray cloth/placemat/big mug rug!!  Then I is good, more is better!  Hubby is always taking my dish towels to line his tray while munching, soooo... I'm on #3 right now!!  Will post that pic tomorrow!

Yummy top, ready to go, backing and a towel in need of new life!

I will post the directions for making these in the Yahoo Group files once I finish re-writing them!

This one ended up a big bigger than the first one, adaptations and all!
 I hope everyone enjoys their afternoon & evening and has a chance to do something creative ~ it's way fun!

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