Friday, March 25, 2011

Day #18 - Why am I doing this? (and peeks at the next project!)

Good morning, everyone!

I have to start out by mentioning I was reading a new blog this morning, called Life at Ruffhaven by Marianne.  Her post for the 22nd was about why she blogs.  She had a conversation with someone (VERY similar to ours, Michelle!) about WHY people blog ~ we (like Marianne's friend) just couldn't understand why anyone would do it!

And yet, here I am...doing that very same thing!

I loved what Marianne said - that bloggers are sharing a little something of themselves and in doing so are a part of something much bigger than they are!  That and it's about connecting. In this world that is growing smaller by the minute, our ability to reach out and touch anyone, just about anywhere on the planet at any moment is at odds with the fact we are doing so in a way that almost isn't real.  We sit on the other side of computers NOT seeing the person facing us (thank goodness sometimes, as I'm in jammies!)  I think that blogging, sharing who we are and what we love with others, makes that connection more real.  You see photos of people and their world and suddenly they are not just "somebody on the other end" ~ they are a mom, grandmother, quilter, New Englander, dog lover, whatever! 

When I look through blogs, I am looking for ones to follow that draw me in ~ their story, color, photos of their world, cool things they are making and doing, links and ideas that I can follow and make a part of me.  I find kindred spirits, creative souls who take the risk of sharing a piece of themselves.  That is why I create and follow blogs...

That and you'll keep me honest ~ my follower/friends!  If I've told you I'll do something creative each day for 365 Days, well, I have to do it!  Right?  I've made a promise this will keep me from renigging - 21 days makes a habit they say, so I'm on my way!

Quick note of progress in my crafting world:
  • embroidery machine needles ... seem to be having a bit of a problem with them...sigh... broke 3 in 2 days! 
  • and started a new pillow project for April.  Am playing with orange and pulling out fabrics to coordinate!  It's a tiger lily.  The only times I've ever worked with orange is for my niece, A, so this is sticking a toe out into the water of stretching my boundaries!

Have a wonderful day, all of you!
Get out there and create!

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