Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fabric-A-Thon Super Duper Drawing Goodies!!

I am so excited to be hosting the first Fabric-A-Thon here at Whitt's Kits!! 

I will be pulling EVERY bolt and tub filled with fabric out, putting together sets of end-of-bolts, organizing "by the pound" fabrics and MORE!!!

There will be the above fabrics, plus headers, sets of fat quarters, pillowcase/apron/quilt kits available and on sale!  I am gathering up crafting items from a variety of areas including sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and more!  I even have a special table that I am calling "The Crafty Yard Sale" with gently used items I need to give away!  This includes magazines of ALL types, scrabooking stamps and all sorts of cool goodies! 

This is a 1 day event!!  With the work involved, it's a once a year!  Lol!!  I will be putting my eBay and Esty stores on "HOLD" for the day (my computer will be right beside me to delete items as they sell) so stop by both and see what is available.

Those of you who are Internet friends and stopping by Bennington, NH is a bit out of the question, visit my eBay and Etsy shops and make a list of what you are interested in.  Then email me June 11th and I will let you know how much the items you are interested in will be selling for that day.  Once you confirm what you want, I will invoice you via PayPal.  I can fit approximately up to 6-7 yards in a flat rate envelop and about 20 in a flat rate box!  Remember there are shipping discounts: 1/2 price shipping for up to $25 in goodies and FREE shipping for over $25 spent!

Items will be 10-50% off the regular price!  What a time to stock up!!  If you stop by the blog and check out THIS POST you can see the specials available, shipping discounts, for example.

This post is also to share with you WHAT is available in the Super Duper Drawing for Internet purchasing friends and anyone who comes by the house!!  Wait till you see all these prizes that are part of the drawing!! 

Your name will go in once for EVERY $10 you spend.  If you come by the house and bring a friend who is new to Whitt's Kits, it goes in again!  If you are an Internet friend and send someone our way who purchases, BOTH your names go in!  How cool is that?

Keep an eye here to see how the list of items grows between now and the 12th!  Thanks for being a part of the fun!

Hardcover book by Better Homes and Gardens, $35 Value

Softcover book by Marion Haslam, $24.95 Value

CD filled with quotations, titles and such perfect for scrapbooking, cardmaking, etc.  In Adobe Acrobat format.  $10 value
Copy of Jennifer Chiaverini's book "The Quilter's Apprentice" and 4 - 1/4 yard cuts off coordinating fabric.  $20 Value.   

Panel (2/3 yard) of quilt labels by RJR Fabrics.  $6 Value

Pin Cushion and needle holder.  $7.50 Value.

1 pint of PURE NH made maple syrup!  Yummy!  $10 Value.
Can't WAIT!!!
Quilty Hugs,

Mark your calendar: JUNE 12th .... Fabric-A-Thon 2011!!

Whoo hooo!

The biggest sale EVER for Whitt's Kits is scheduled for June 12th, 2011, 10 – 6 pm, in my livingroom! 

Fabric-A-Thon 2011 is gearing up!

Pinks, reds and oranges ready for picking!

I will be CLOSING my eBay store for the day (and possibly the day after, to catch up!) EVERY fabric I have in stock will be on sale to my friends/fans/previous customers ONLY!! Fabric will be discounted 10-50%!!

Below is information about specials and what's what both PHYSICALLY at the sale OR on-line!

Available pillowcase kit!

*On-line: See a fabric you like, email me SATURDAY, June 11th and I will tell you the discount price I will be charging for that bolt or piece the next day!!

-:¦:-•:*'"*:•.-:¦:-•* Fabric-A-Thon Super Specials/Coupons -:¦:-•:*'"*:•.-:¦:-

  • Buy 4 yards, get one free!
  • 10 – 50% off EVERY fabric, pattern, craft in stock!
Shipping Discounts (For Internet orders)

  • 50% off shipping for orders from $1-$25
  • Free Shipping on order OVER $25

Make a purchase and receive fabric treats!
  • On-line – I will select something to coordinate with what you purchased
  • In person – you choose from the Crafting Goodie Basket!

Bring a friend and select from the Crafting “Goodie Basket” PLUS get an extra entry into the Super Duper Drawing!

Super Duper Drawing Ticket  (ie: Golden Ticket!)

• The list of prizes will be posted on my blog as it grows!

• Internet fan’s go in the drawing for ordering!

Is this exciting or WHAT!?!?!?!

Off to get the tagging and sorting going!!  Enjoy the beautiful day and watch for the items going up for the Super Duper Drawing!!  Woot woot!

Quilty Hugs,

Day #78-81 - Weeee're baaack!

Good morning, all!
Wow, you don't realize how connected you are to the Internet until you don't have it for some reason!  A pole on our street got hit by lightening this weekend and we lost power for a wee bit - a matter of 3-4 hours.  No biggie.  Unfortunately, something went wonky with the phone lines as well.  But, because everyone has a different company now-a-days and some just have cell phones, the phone company told us they wouldn't be out till today as it was a holiday weekend.  ARGH!!! 

We were able to get "online" with my cell phone to check what needed to be checked and such, but WOW it really showed how much we use it!  It also showed how my eyesight is NOT what it used to be as I am trying to read information off websites on that TINY screen on my phone!  Lol...

Creatively I've been up to a few things which I can now show you because a) I have the Internet and b) I gave the gifts away yesterday!  :o)

I began with this embroidered design.  My niece is a fan of all things Celtic.  I thought this would be a good place to start.  She is also a writer, so I decided to make it into a journal.  You'll also notice I also incorporated a "journal" design from Embroidery Library as well.

Once I had the designs embroidered on the fabric, I moved on to Mod-Podge ~ goopey fun, baby!  I slathered it on the front and back pieces and then backed them with cardboard- you'll notice my high quality spreading tool on the left.  If it resembles folded cardboard to you, then your eyes are GOOD!  :o)

After that, I glued on scrapbooking paper for the endpapers and tucked both the front and back under my cutting mat for the night to dry and do so with minimal warping!  The next day I punched holes in the side, added paper and had a bit more fun by decorating pages here and there with stickers!  This first one has a scrapbooking "envelop" - perfect for a little note!

Day #3 of this creative endeavor was a coordinating little purse - one of those "sling over the shoulder with your wallet, keys and phone sort of bag." 

I sewed out a matching Celtic design on cream and found a coordinating fabric.  I went through my current re-purposing goodies to find a perfect belt to make the handle with!  It was MADE for this!  :o)  

I like using square/box corners on bags like this.

The thing to keep in mind is when you turn it inside out, match up the side and bottom seams to create an even corner. Once you match them, sew across to create the corner.

Next, inside out the main bag and insert the lining right-side out.  I wound the the strap up a bit so it wouldn't get in my way while I was sewing and pinned the whole thing together.  (Don't forget to leave an opening to pull the bag out through.... I would mention this because.....) I found my machine will sew through leather pretty well....just have to slow down a bit!

Done sewing?  Pull the lining out through the opening you've left, tuck everything together and press the edge.  I usually machine stitch at this point to keep things neat and tidy.
 Here they are!!  I like how they came out.... might have to make myself some! 

Off to enjoy the day ~ hope you all do, as well!
Quilty hugs,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day #77 - Paparazzi, Baby!

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday's creative fun was being a paparazzi for DD's softball team!  They are such a great group of young ladies and had a bit of fun yesterday!  I take pictures ALL THE TIME of them during games (to pull together a slide show in June) but yesterday was all the group shots (by grade, full team, pitchers & catchers, etc) and then their time to "ham it up"!  What fun!  I am so lucky to have that role!

I can't post any of the great fun shots as I want to save it for them to see at the banquet, but I have to say that they had GREAT ideas for shots of them as a group and such! 

DD & one of her buds realized that their #'s together = the year...

... so that shot will probably be one of the intro ones in the slide show!  Which gives me the idea that when all is said and done, another pair could do their season record!  I LOVE thinking outloud!  Lol!

Here was one of the last shots of the day, taken from the ground looking up as they do the end cheer! (DD took that one, I was in a skirt!  Lol!) 

Off to work and then last regular season game for this great group of ladies!  GO FOR IT!

(AKA: Ms Whitt, Coach, Shauna's Mom...lol!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day #76 - 3 Days of Blog cruising! New friends!

Good morning everyone, especially our new followers/friends via the wonderful Sewmamasew May Giveaway Day!!

Thank goodness the Giveaway Day was more of a Giveaway week, because there have been sooooo many marvelous blogs to discover!!

Some of them are still going on, so check out the link I have up on previous post to see who's still open! 

I am not sure what was more fun, meeting new people who commented on MY blog or going out and seeing so many fantastic and fun new blogs to read!   You all are going to motivate me!

I am going to say that the one that has spurred me on the most to try something different is Needle and Spatula, a blog I found last night!  Take a peek at the absolutely GORGEOUS quilt she is creating!!  I told her that I was totally going to post about her work here!

You can bet I'll be going RIGHT to my stash of RJR Farmer's Market fabric and pulling some cool colors to match!  .... As a matter-of-fact, guys, have a GREAT day, I am heading to the studio NOW!!!

Quilty hugs and thanks bunches for being a part of my global world!

And the winner is....

What fun I've had the last several days visiting so many wonderful, creative blogs!  But first, I KNOW you want to know WHO won the headers!

Drum roll please.....

.... the winner is the 42nd comment (drawn via Random.org)....


If you are interested in more opportunities to win lovely fabric, DO follow my blog!  MORE to come!

Watch for news on the June 12th Fabric-a-Thon!!

Off to email Fran and then create today's blog!
Quilty hugs,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day #73 - May Day Giveaway from Sewmamasew!!

Good morning, friends!

I am participating in a special giveaway today through Sewmamasew.com!

My sets of headers have been a big hit, all around, so I'm offering up another set today!  I will FILL a flat rate envelope with as many as I can! 

Interested?  Have loads of ideas????  Just comment to this post to enter!!  ***Leave your email address to be sure I can contact you! (example: carrie dot whittemore at gmail dot com)

I will ship this free to anywhere in the US.  If you are outside the US, shipping will be $6 to Canada & $8 anywhere else.

This is open through midnight, May 25th.  The winner will be drawn via Random.org from comments below!

If you head over to the link above you can find OODLES of wonderful bloggers offering up fantastic goodies for you!!

Good luck!!
Quilty hugs,
PS.  It's not required, but we'd LOVE to have you follow the blog!!  Hehe!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day #72 - Observing Art for the day

Good morning, friends!

My "creativeness" yesterday was to observe the "creativeness" in others!  Let me set the stage by reminding you that if you've been following my blog you are probably aware that, like many other parts of the country, we have been RAINED UPON for about 2 weeks.  We haven't seen that bright orb in the sky for EONS!  Well, it came out and shined upon us yesterday, most likely brought on by the fear of facing Terry Reeves if it didn't shine on the Children in the Arts Festival in Peterborough!

It was a beautiful day!  Sunny, warm and downtown was FILLED with happy people, in part because of the fun they were having but also because of the sun, I am sure!

I was working yesterday (as I'd had the day before off for DD's wisdom teeth purposes) and so I was able to take in all sorts of creative ventures.  One of the many beauties of working at the Historical Society is Bass Hall.  The acustics in that room are amazing, so music played in there is wonderful.  I heard a jazz band, several different choruses and two string groups.  The sounds those children produces was, as the saying goes: "music to the ears." 

Of course there was the Parade of Puppets, as well. Puppets and their entourage, musicains, bands, dancers and circus-like acts all marched down Grove Street.  This is a local event that has been going on for many years (back when I was teaching in the public school...) and it went on and on and on!  There was this one absolutely adorable little flea...hehe...yup, that's you, Cate! 

My creative endeavor yesterday, to bask in and enjoy the creativity of others.  It was marvelous!  I only saw a tiny sampling of the events but it is wonderful to know that such variety in the arts is enjoyed by so many!  And hey, it was great to see the sunshine! 

Ah...so what will Sunday bring?
Quilty hugs,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day #71 - Playing with "Blackwork"

Good morning, all!

Yesterday I started playing with a set of embroidery designs that I've been dying to try:

I also tried embroidering on a different fabric, felt!  I thought I might start out with a pillow, or some such thing, so felt was an option.  I didn't use stablizer as part of the experiment.

It went a little wonky ~ not sure exactly what occurred, but I stopped the machine, re-adjusted and let it finish and the rest was lovely.  I think I like the design for the bathroom curtains, with some of the other borders from the set nestled along beside it! 

The original designs are "blackwork" on white.  Like the classic "redwork".  This is brown on cream.  I thought I would play around with some other color combinations, as well.  Be watching for more of the ideas!  If YOU have any suggestions, please let me know!  :o)

Well, have to work today.  Yes, I KNOW it's Saturday, but I had yesterday off to bring DD to have her widsom teeth out and stayed home as I wasn't sure how it was going to go afterwards.  She was GREAT!  She actually went and coached in the afternoon!  She's a bit more sore and swollen today though, since she didn't have ice on it or drugs during the night, but all in all, she's doing very well!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!  Let's see what tomorrow brings, eh?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day #70 - Anyone want a critter to applique OR a block to create with?

Good morning, friends!

My attempts at bringing sunshine to the region yesterday have not worked as of yet this morning!  A girl can only try!  Found LOTS of sunny ideas on Etsy yesterday, though!  My creative time yesterday was spend creating the treasury and then learning a new bit of technology!

If you look at that blog, you'll see a picture linked in a very different way for me.  I discovered "Curate.Us" ~ a website that allows you to select content from the web, "clip it" and insert the html directly into your blog, email, etc.  Their site said: "We developed Curate.Us because content creators on our team wanted a way to share articles and quotes that was easy, ethical, appealing and which included automatic attribution and links back to the original source."  It is easy to use and embeds the info directly into the blog!  If you blog, you should check it out! 

A couple of quick reminders:
  1. Would you like one of the two Celebrate Life embroidery blocksI did?  Just comment here.  I will be drawing the winners on Sunday night!
  2. We would LOVE to have a couple more friends join us in the Jungle Critter Applique project!  We've got 8 critter blocks in the making... come on, give it a try!!!  Just comment here and email me your mailing address and I'll send them out to you!!
Okay... off to bring DD to have her wisdom teeth out!  OUCH!! 
See you all later,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I was asking for sunshine...went and found some!

Well, since Mother Nature has other ideas about the weather, I decided in search of some sunshine and found oodles on Etsy!  Take a peek at the treasury I created!

PS.  I am experimenting with Curate.Us ... I LOVE IT!!

Day #69 - Sunshine....

Good morning,
I thought Mother Nature might need some reminding here, since she SEEMS to have forgotten what Sunshine IS!!!

According to Dictionary.com:

1. the shining of the sun; direct light of the sun.

2. brightness or radiance; cheerfulness or happiness.

3. a source of cheer or happiness.

4. the effect of the sun in lighting and heating a place.

5. a place where the direct rays of the sun fall.

Just another subtle reminder...

Here's a song to put her in the mood, thanks to John Denver! :o)

Smile all ~ we will see some soon!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day #68 - Playing with fabric to share

Good morning, friends!

I hope that SOMEONE is seeing some sunshine 'cause we sure aren't seeing any here!  It's another day of rain in the Granite State, meaning another softball game pushed ahead...somehow!  It also means a pretty nippy/soggy morning out in the 1800's Schoolhouse this morning for me!  Brrrrr!

Yesterday I spent a chunk of my day running errands and such (oh...YOU don't count an hour in Barnes & Noble an errand????) and then the rest of it playing with fabric to share on eBay!

My process is to trim pieces (sometimes iron), measure them, tag them with the yardage, photograph them and then list them on eBay or Etsy.  I get to "play" with all sorts of fabrics in all kinds of colors and prints ~ it's way too much fun!  Then, I get to share them with others.  It is always fun to me to see what other people purchase ~ what color combinations they put together and such.  Sometimes I think, "Why didn't I think of that?"  It's great!

Here are some of what I just listed, that I particularly liked:

This one is a paisley border print from the Civil War Ladies line by RJR.  I'm a sucker for borders!

Quilt labels, to identify who made the piece of artwork are by far my most popular item! They are usually 2/3 of a yard and vary in number of labels, depending on size.

Here is one from Robyn Pandolph that I particularly like! 

The only real bummer is that all these pretties have to LEAVE my home, lol! Ahhh....but I enjoy them while they are here and, as you've seen over the past 68 days, many become part of the fabric of my life! 

Have a wonderful day and TRY to stay dry!
Quilty hugs,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day #67 - Handstitching, not my forte, but fun w/jungle critters!

Good morning, everyone!

Well, I decided that hand stitching, at least in the sense of applique, is not my forte!  Could it be that I am having trouble SEEING things that close/small?  Could be...sigh... 

I started the morning with stitching the gorilla on a block for the Jungle Critter Challenge.  I wasn't overly excited about how the stitching came out, but I struggled onward!  I liked the block I'd used, it was an extra block from a quilt I'd made my son several years ago.  1/2 is the brown checked, the other 1/2 is made by sewing strips of different widths together and then cutting out triangles from it.  My thought was, for this block, the gorilla is walking along the ground (brown) and the trees are in the background (green).  A bit "artsy", eh?

After finishing that one, I moved on to a parrot.  Since I didn't care for the hand stitching, I went with machine for this one.  First, I backed it with fusible webbing.  Okay, actually, I fused the webbing to my ironing board!!  YUP, wrong-side up!!  Pulled that off quickly and cut ANOTHER piece and tried AGAIN!  Did it right, this time, lol! 

I decided to make the block a tree with the parrot on a branch.  The upright is a part of the block (ie: sewed in) and the branch is sewed on top.  Just trying to be creative, folks!  Anyway, I rather liked how that one came out.  So, my two blocks for the Jungle Critter Challenge are done!

Would you like to join us?  I have more critters with directions that I can pop in the mail!!  Let me know!!

Don't forget to enter the Celebrate Life Drawing I posted yesterday for an embroidered design!

Hugs and STAY DRY,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day #66 - Celebrate life!

Good morning, everyone!

Just having one of those "appreciate what you have" mornings... just 'cuz..  I ran across this quote this morning:
I cannot believe that the purpose of life is to be "happy." I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to be compassionate. It is, above all, to matter and to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.  - Leo C. Rosten

A friend commented yesterday that she was in a difficult place and was getting that feeling we all do at one time or other of not being where she thought she ought at this point in her life.  We should have achieved "it" (whatever that is), we should be in a better financial place (don't we wish?), we look at others and think "they've 'made it' and we haven't" ... you know the drill.  Or perhaps you don't and you are more like my wonderful, well balanced husband, who is the rock for all of us here. 

I have found myself more like my friend at different times in my life.  My 40th birthday sticks out in my mind: I woke up and cried all day for all the reasons listed in the paragraph above.  I obviously worked my way through that and found my 50th to be a MUCH better day, lol!  I sat down then and made a list of the things I wanted to do that year, "for my birthday" and worked my way through the list as the year progressed.  I didn't "do" all the things on that list, but I did enough that I felt pretty good about me. 

So my 51st rolled around in January and THIS is the result!  I decided to do at least one (if not a bunch!!!) creative thing each day.  I didn't start right off - as your addition might indicate if you look at the day number and work out the math, but it didn't come as clearly to me as the other idea!  No strict guidelines to make it hard, just the chance to do something I love everyday!  It's been a blast!  Most of the time it's fabric based because, well, I have LOTS of fabric to work with!!

I think that sometimes we need to remember to relax and celebrate life!  We each face challenges, battles and good along the way, some more and some less than others.  One of my favorite things to do is share, so in honor of both the celebration of life and the need to share, I am giving away two beautiful machine embroidered designs, ready to be incorporated into a special project of your choice!  Perhaps part of a quilt?  Maybe you or someone you love would like to frame it and hang it on the wall?  All up to you!

There will be 2 names selected.  The first person gets their choice of the green or the blue.  The second person gets the other.

All you need to do is comment below with something in life that you celebrate!  I'll get us started!  (oh, and if you'd like to FOLLOW my blog and chat along the journey, feel free!!  :o)

Have a wonderful day,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day #65 - Back to normal, a relative term

Good morning, all!

I expect to be "back to normal" this week, relatively, that is.  The number of softball games should be less than the 7 in 5 days of last week, and could be MUCH less if Mother Nature has her way.  Just when we were enjoying a bit of sunshine...

My plan, this week, is to work on a couple of the Bottled Rainbow blocks, list a WHOLE bunch of fabric on eBay and Etsy, finish up the May birthday goodies for the family, try another recycle/repurposing project, "fire up" the embroidery machine and work on my blocks for the jungle critter applique. 

Some quilt/project labels available in my eBay & Etsy stores!
My plan today is to feed some hungry teenagers, send off a couple of hungry early 20's "kiddos" who're heading to PA mid-day, re-claim my living room, take a nap (due to being UP quite late with teenager crowed) and craft a wee bit of my plan for the week.

I just want to say that I LOVE reading blogs!  Lol!  I found a marvelous one this morning ("Gussy Sews") and joined her "creating community".  It is sooooo motivating to read about what fun things other people are doing that you can't help but try things out!

But for the moment, I have breakfast to make for 12 today ... so I am off to get the hashbrowns going!  Looking forward to what the day brings!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Congrats to Katherine from FL!!!

Due to the changes in Facebook rules, I was concerned that despite my best intentions, I might have messed up, so I took the number 19 (how many said they'd like to win the fabric) and ran it through Random.org.

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1

Max: 19

Result: 14

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

#14 was Katherine from FL.  WAY TO GO!!  I just need your address and the fabrics will be on their way to you Monday!!

Thanks to all of my wonderful FB fans!!

I will be reviewing the new rules and finding out how to work with them.  My guess is that things will go through here.  There is a lot of conversation about the topic floating about FB Land and I read a very good blog piece about it on Trophy Wife's site.  Makes sense to me, but I realized my thank you to you all might be against their policy, so, am ending it tonight.

Future promotions and such will be here!

Night, all!

Comment to join Critter Applique Block Creating ~ Bloggers Back up!

Good morning, friends!
It would appear that Blogger is back up and running and the post about the jungle critter appliques is BACK!

Unfortunately, ALL of the comments you folks made, are GONE!  At least it says "0" from my end.

So... if you'd like to join us, COMMENT NOW to this post: http://whittskitsfabricscrafts.blogspot.com/2011/05/day-64-this-months-block-contest.html again!  Lol!!

Thanks oodles,

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day #64 - This month's block "contest"

Good morning, from "mosquito-ridden" New Hampshire!

Yes, it's that time of year!  We New Englanders have to have something to complain about and I am going to complain about the mosquitoes!  Last night, as the evening wore on and bedtime came you could hear the "SMACKS" throughout the house as the Great Mosquito Hunters were in search of their prey!  I was pretty impressed by hubby who was tracking the buggers down and tossing a pillow at them, knocking them from the air while laying in bed!! 

But I digress...

I thought it was time to toss out another invitation to join in a block creating!  I am the Memere to a couple of sweet boys, and animals are what they love, SO..... I thought we could work on some critter blocks!  I have lots of the RJR's Sew Easy as 1-2-3 jungle animals and thought we could use those!

Here's how it will work:

1. Comment below and then send me your mailing address to receive a critter to carrie dot whittemore at gmail dot com.
2. The first 10 people (if we get that many) will each receive a critter to applique on a block.
3. This time, the blocks are WIDE OPEN to allow you to be creative!  Have some fun with your scraps!  Mine is a 9 1/2" square, to give you a reference.  I thought it would create a fun, modern-type quilt/wallhanging this way!
4. As soon as we have 10 to join us (if we only get a few, then we'll each get several) I will mail out the appliques.
5. Once we are done, I will use Random.org to draw a comment number and that person will get ALL the blocks!!
6. I created a new photo album within the Yahoo group to post our pix.
7.  Someone will have FUN and we all get to see it!!

What you will need:
1. A critter from me in the mail.
2. Fusable interfacing to back the applique.
3. Nice, sharp scissors to cut it out.
4. A block (either from your stash/UFO piles, or one you create for the project) to sew the applique onto.
5. A wee bit of luck to win!!  :o)

Hope you want to join us!!
Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day #63 - Little bit of paint...lol!

Good morning, all!

Wordless Wednesday of sorts ~ painting with my grandson yesterday! 

My next project is an art smock for him!  I will be working on that for next week!

Enjoy the day, all!

PS.  Watch for my next swapping project, coming this week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day #62 - Photo time, soggy markers & what's up for today!

Good morning, everyone!

It would appear that spring has finally sprung!  Yea! 

Yesterday was about photos at softball and trying out toddler arts & crafts.  Every sports season we are a part of (field hockey, wrestling & softball) I gather photos and create a slide show.  My "baby" (a Canon digital Rebel) has taken tens of thousands of pictures and the button is just plain tired.  It won't push down, which can be a bit of an issue in the midst of an action shot...

So, I am using Kelly's Canon Sure Shot. It's doing a good job, all things considered. It did a GREAT job of my 3 kiddos!

It's also fine for all of the "filler" shots I use, like this one:

Beggers can't be choosers!

I tried the "wet plate & marker" activity yesterday - Little man liked it, but we used paper, as I was out of paper plates!  I took his "artwork" and covered his crayon tin!  :o) 

Today, we are going to give fingerpaints a try, after a trip to the grocery store and some time at the park! 

Does anyone have any sites with fun activities for toddlers?  Say... 22 months?  PULEEZE let me know!!

I would like to mention I slept like a BABY after running around after him yesterday!  Thank goodness DD and friend are here to help!!!  YIKES!!

Have a wonderful day, all!