Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day #64 - This month's block "contest"

Good morning, from "mosquito-ridden" New Hampshire!

Yes, it's that time of year!  We New Englanders have to have something to complain about and I am going to complain about the mosquitoes!  Last night, as the evening wore on and bedtime came you could hear the "SMACKS" throughout the house as the Great Mosquito Hunters were in search of their prey!  I was pretty impressed by hubby who was tracking the buggers down and tossing a pillow at them, knocking them from the air while laying in bed!! 

But I digress...

I thought it was time to toss out another invitation to join in a block creating!  I am the Memere to a couple of sweet boys, and animals are what they love, SO..... I thought we could work on some critter blocks!  I have lots of the RJR's Sew Easy as 1-2-3 jungle animals and thought we could use those!

Here's how it will work:

1. Comment below and then send me your mailing address to receive a critter to carrie dot whittemore at gmail dot com.
2. The first 10 people (if we get that many) will each receive a critter to applique on a block.
3. This time, the blocks are WIDE OPEN to allow you to be creative!  Have some fun with your scraps!  Mine is a 9 1/2" square, to give you a reference.  I thought it would create a fun, modern-type quilt/wallhanging this way!
4. As soon as we have 10 to join us (if we only get a few, then we'll each get several) I will mail out the appliques.
5. Once we are done, I will use to draw a comment number and that person will get ALL the blocks!!
6. I created a new photo album within the Yahoo group to post our pix.
7.  Someone will have FUN and we all get to see it!!

What you will need:
1. A critter from me in the mail.
2. Fusable interfacing to back the applique.
3. Nice, sharp scissors to cut it out.
4. A block (either from your stash/UFO piles, or one you create for the project) to sew the applique onto.
5. A wee bit of luck to win!!  :o)

Hope you want to join us!!
Have a GREAT day!


  1. Put me in, Carrie!! think you still have my address but i can come to the Historical building again and save you a stamp!!

  2. By the way, the state bird hasn't hit dublin YET but the black flies are wicked!! don't think I have enough pillows to take care of the situation! On a good note tho' the dogs do come right in now! Have some ideads running around in my head already so can't wait to get started!! have a great weekend! tons of hugs!!

  3. Oh Carrie, this sounds like fun!! Count me in.

  4. Gotcha, guys! Let others you think would like to join in know about it! Hugs!

  5. I have Colleen, Laura and Elaine. Was there anyone else who wanted a critter to applique? Comment here so I can get you in!