Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day #72 - Observing Art for the day

Good morning, friends!

My "creativeness" yesterday was to observe the "creativeness" in others!  Let me set the stage by reminding you that if you've been following my blog you are probably aware that, like many other parts of the country, we have been RAINED UPON for about 2 weeks.  We haven't seen that bright orb in the sky for EONS!  Well, it came out and shined upon us yesterday, most likely brought on by the fear of facing Terry Reeves if it didn't shine on the Children in the Arts Festival in Peterborough!

It was a beautiful day!  Sunny, warm and downtown was FILLED with happy people, in part because of the fun they were having but also because of the sun, I am sure!

I was working yesterday (as I'd had the day before off for DD's wisdom teeth purposes) and so I was able to take in all sorts of creative ventures.  One of the many beauties of working at the Historical Society is Bass Hall.  The acustics in that room are amazing, so music played in there is wonderful.  I heard a jazz band, several different choruses and two string groups.  The sounds those children produces was, as the saying goes: "music to the ears." 

Of course there was the Parade of Puppets, as well. Puppets and their entourage, musicains, bands, dancers and circus-like acts all marched down Grove Street.  This is a local event that has been going on for many years (back when I was teaching in the public school...) and it went on and on and on!  There was this one absolutely adorable little flea...hehe...yup, that's you, Cate! 

My creative endeavor yesterday, to bask in and enjoy the creativity of others.  It was marvelous!  I only saw a tiny sampling of the events but it is wonderful to know that such variety in the arts is enjoyed by so many!  And hey, it was great to see the sunshine! what will Sunday bring?
Quilty hugs,

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