Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day #76 - 3 Days of Blog cruising! New friends!

Good morning everyone, especially our new followers/friends via the wonderful Sewmamasew May Giveaway Day!!

Thank goodness the Giveaway Day was more of a Giveaway week, because there have been sooooo many marvelous blogs to discover!!

Some of them are still going on, so check out the link I have up on previous post to see who's still open! 

I am not sure what was more fun, meeting new people who commented on MY blog or going out and seeing so many fantastic and fun new blogs to read!   You all are going to motivate me!

I am going to say that the one that has spurred me on the most to try something different is Needle and Spatula, a blog I found last night!  Take a peek at the absolutely GORGEOUS quilt she is creating!!  I told her that I was totally going to post about her work here!

You can bet I'll be going RIGHT to my stash of RJR Farmer's Market fabric and pulling some cool colors to match!  .... As a matter-of-fact, guys, have a GREAT day, I am heading to the studio NOW!!!

Quilty hugs and thanks bunches for being a part of my global world!

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