Friday, May 27, 2011

Day #77 - Paparazzi, Baby!

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday's creative fun was being a paparazzi for DD's softball team!  They are such a great group of young ladies and had a bit of fun yesterday!  I take pictures ALL THE TIME of them during games (to pull together a slide show in June) but yesterday was all the group shots (by grade, full team, pitchers & catchers, etc) and then their time to "ham it up"!  What fun!  I am so lucky to have that role!

I can't post any of the great fun shots as I want to save it for them to see at the banquet, but I have to say that they had GREAT ideas for shots of them as a group and such! 

DD & one of her buds realized that their #'s together = the year...

... so that shot will probably be one of the intro ones in the slide show!  Which gives me the idea that when all is said and done, another pair could do their season record!  I LOVE thinking outloud!  Lol!

Here was one of the last shots of the day, taken from the ground looking up as they do the end cheer! (DD took that one, I was in a skirt!  Lol!) 

Off to work and then last regular season game for this great group of ladies!  GO FOR IT!

(AKA: Ms Whitt, Coach, Shauna's!)

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