Friday, May 20, 2011

Day #70 - Anyone want a critter to applique OR a block to create with?

Good morning, friends!

My attempts at bringing sunshine to the region yesterday have not worked as of yet this morning!  A girl can only try!  Found LOTS of sunny ideas on Etsy yesterday, though!  My creative time yesterday was spend creating the treasury and then learning a new bit of technology!

If you look at that blog, you'll see a picture linked in a very different way for me.  I discovered "Curate.Us" ~ a website that allows you to select content from the web, "clip it" and insert the html directly into your blog, email, etc.  Their site said: "We developed Curate.Us because content creators on our team wanted a way to share articles and quotes that was easy, ethical, appealing and which included automatic attribution and links back to the original source."  It is easy to use and embeds the info directly into the blog!  If you blog, you should check it out! 

A couple of quick reminders:
  1. Would you like one of the two Celebrate Life embroidery blocksI did?  Just comment here.  I will be drawing the winners on Sunday night!
  2. We would LOVE to have a couple more friends join us in the Jungle Critter Applique project!  We've got 8 critter blocks in the making... come on, give it a try!!!  Just comment here and email me your mailing address and I'll send them out to you!!
Okay... off to bring DD to have her wisdom teeth out!  OUCH!! 
See you all later,

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  1. Elaine is the winner! Your choice, my friend! Congrats!