Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post showed you the highlight of my day yesterday...well at least ONE of the highlights of my day: my order from High Mowing Organic Seeds in Vermont came yesterday.

I have been playing around with the idea of planting a bit of something again this year.  Last year was a bust - killed everything BEFORE I could put it in the ground.  My lil' buggers helped me "start" the seeds last year - may have them "help" me again with some of it...we shall see.  There was lots of potting soil and water spread about that afternoon - all good and lots of fun.

Last year a grabbed a couple of packages of very cheap seeds from the local Wally World, which may have lead to the demise of my must be honest: I didn't do my job...they died.  Period.  This year, I went with High Mowing seeds for several reasons.

  1. They are produced here in New England - in our sister state of Vermont.  Who knew they had a place like that, eh?  
  2. They are organic - NO GMO's: YAY!  That is a good thing for us all!  
  3. The company is committed to sustainable agriculture. Not only that, but if I so desired to make the 2 1/2 hour trip north, I could visit.  Combine that with a stop at King Arthur Flour (and maybe Ben & Jerry's??) and you've got a great day!!
  4. It was incredibly fun to peruse the catalog and then super easy to purchase my seeds.  I liked the descriptions and they way they indicated which ones would grow well in our VERY short growing season here in New Hampshire.  I figure if they can grow in northern Vermont, we should be all good here.
So.... I went through the catalog and marked all the seeds I would like.  Then reality hit ($$$) and I picked the ten I thought my family would enjoy and that I could plant and grow successfully.  Therein lies my issue.  Successfully growing things.  One might think with the green thumbs that preceded me that I would be one heck of a gardener.  I am not.

Let's be honest, I killed an air fern once - it wasn't even alive!  Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, an air fern is: "a dead and dried colonies of hydrozoans, colonies of marine hydroids ... 
These dried hydroid colonies are commonly sold as a curiosity, as a supposedly decorative "indoor plant", or as underwater decorations for aquaria in stores. They are sometimes labeled as "Neptune plants". Despite a superficial resemblance to plants, they are actually animal skeletons or shells. The dried colonies are often dyed green, but, when soaked in water, the coloring will dissolve."   There is your bit of trivia for the day.

Deceased, marine hydroids - "AKA Air Fern"

Back to my seeds.  I went with:
  • summer squash - both yellow and green - because hey, they grow like crazy;
  • spinach because it is a "cool season hardy annual" and HARDY was the key word there.;
  • bush beans because I thought the boys might have fun picking them growing on some sort of trellis-like thingy;
  • basil because I love it and am thinking I could put it in a pot on the porch, maybe;
  • sweet red peppers because the family loves them and they'd be fun to watch grow indoors first; 
  • lettuce in honor of my Pepere - he always grew leaf lettuce and put sugar on it right out of the garden - want to share that with the boys;
  • and finally tomatoes...3 kinds!  Gotta have the full-size ones, went with Brandywine because they are heirloom, black cherry tomato because I love the color and yellow pear cherry because when I worked at Tenny Farm so MANY years ago they grew them and they were delish!!
Yellow Pear Cherry Tomatoes from High Mowing
Now, I need to get some potting soil and containers to get them started!  Whoo hooo!  Let's forget all this snow and think about some wonderful, fresh veggies, shall we?

I would LOVE to know what you are planting this year!  Leave a comment with your favorites - I might have to try them next season!

Quilty hugs,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Seeds from High Mowing are here!!

Good morning, friends!
It's Wordless Wednesday - a quick visual of something happening as we speak!  Feel free to link to your own posting of something special to YOU!

Here's mine for this week...not completely wordless as I am too excited: my order from High Mowing Organic Seeds in Vermont arrived today!

More posts coming about these potential yummies!!

Quilty hugs and don't forget to comment with a link to something special in your world,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mining Mondays: 10 Terrific DIY Headbands!!

Good morning, friends!

It's Mining Monday and time to do a bit of internet searching!  Today's topic?  DIY Headbands!  Let's see what's out there!

Head over to Mine for the Making to see how to make headbands from bandanas!

Braided headbands - sooooo want to try these (idea from Alisa Burke)
(**NOTE: to follow tutorial, click on the pictures, one by one - each has the step)

A post I did awhile back for fabric covered headband!

I can't WAIT to give some of these a try!!
Quilty hugs,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Wrestling State Meet

Good morning, friends!

Today is Wednesday, that means it's time to find a picture that captures a moment of the day/week.  Here is this house, the photo sums up where we are at: 1 state champion, 2 runner-ups and another shot at things this weekend.

Feel free to link up a picture from your world in the comments below - I'd love to see what you've got going on!

Quilty hugs,

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hugs, Thanks & TTFN to Redneck Mommy

Good morning, friends,

Blogging is one of those activities that serves many purposes.
  • It allows us to connect with those we know and might not see as often as we'd like;
  • As a blogger, it gives you a "voice" that you might not have any other way - it is frightening and empowering at the same time;
  • It creates bridges between ourselves and others we might never meet, by share something we  have in common, whether its something we can do/have or covet;
  • and it opens our eyes to the lives of others - teaching us in so many ways what being human is all about.

Several years ago, when I had just started reading blogs, I ran across one entitled Attack of the Redneck Mommy.  I had to read it the first time JUST because of the name she'd chosen!  I found Tanis hysterical, insightful and one incredible mother!  She reminds me of a new millennium Erma Bombeck.

Tanis has shared her life from the frozen north of Canada for seven years and says, unashamedly that "blogging saved her life" - if you take the time to read her story, you will understand and agree.  Last night, she said "goodbye" to the Redneck Mommy, "the wisecracking blogger," to move on with her life.

As a reader and fellow blogger, I wish you the best.  I thank you for sharing and teaching us all for the past seven years.  I DO HOPE that the Tanis you are becoming continues to share your humor and love of life with us all --- we'll be waiting to see!

Hugs from NH....


Monday, February 18, 2013

Mining Mondays: Super Soup Recipes!

Good morning, everyone!

It's a blustery cold February morning and I thought some yummy soup ideas might hit the spot for the day!

Let's see what I can find on this glorious Mining Monday!

How about a carrot ginger soup from
 I've been thinking I'd like to try using coconut oil!
 As a broccoli cheese soup lover, I am always looking for another recipe.  
This one is by NO means lo-cal, but looks good!  You'll find it at .

This looks delicious - roasted garlic and tomato!  
Head on over to to find out how to make it!

Here is a recipe from for shrimp potato soup!  
I always have a problem with dishes like this tasting "fishy" - anyone else?  
Might be doing something wrong or just be picky!

How about this wonderful "Silky Acorn Squash Soup" - LOVE a bit of curry in there!

Let's end today's search with one that caught my eye and once I clicked on it I just HAD to save the recipe: Caribbean Chicken Soup with Parsley Dumplings!!  
OMG - doesn't that sound yummy!!   I have a feeling I might be spending some time on her site!!

Stay warm, all and cook soup!!  Comment with any other great recipes you've found!
Quilty hugs,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Wanderings: Refashioning Sweaters

Good morning, friends -

If you've stopped by my Pinterest boards (if not, come on over!) you'll see I rather like pinning. It's like a game: the adventure of the search - whether is pointed ("Christmas cookies") or general ("humor"), the excitement of the hunt ("Oh my....look at that!?!!?), the satisfaction of time well spent (now THAT is jmho...), and the resulting goodies ("Been there done that, here's the picture") make for a jolly good time!

To date, I've found over 4,200 things that have triggered my fancy and the pointer finger on my right hand to click the mouse!  From DIY I'd like to try to beautiful art other people have created, from yummy recipes to things that make me laugh, there is a bounty of incredibly greatness to see and learn about.

So.... I thought that my weekend postings would highlight some of what I've found as I fulfill my role as the self-proclaimed "Sherlock Holmes" of the local pinning world... or perhaps more of a "John Watson" recording the beauty, creativity and the fun I find everyday!

To get this rolling, I thought I would start with what one can do when attempting to refashion a sweater, my current task at hand.  At the end of the posting, you will find a Linky Party - a chance for YOU to add to the wanderings!  Hope to see your GREAT ideas!

So here we go...

Let's start with Beth, over at The Renegade Seamstress.  She's a mom, grandmother and teacher and her refashions are fantastic!!  I am modeling the first step in my sweater project after her winter tote.  Head on over there and look at some of what she's doing!


How about taking a sweater that just doesn't fit quite right and modifying it?  The Naked Seamstress does a GREAT job here.  She shows you how to start with a simply, unflattering garment and a little off here and a little off there and VIOLA!  

Does the sweater fit, but need an update?  This little number from Danielle at Blissful and Domestic might be just what you are looking for!  She starts with a plain sweater and goes on from there!  Head on over to her blog and find out how!

 photo lacesweatercollage1Collage.jpg

I found another idea for SIMPLIFYING a sweater, one that might have doo-dads and such that you DON'T want. Jillian at is soooo much fun!  She had a sweater that was a bit over the top and gives it a makeover here.

That does it for today!  Hope you take a moment and add some ideas at the Linky Party below. Love to have you link up!!

Quilty Hugs,

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ever tried "Wickles"?

Good morning, Friends!

Seriously, have you ever had them?  Know what they are?  Seen them at the grocery store?


Hubby and I were out grocery shopping (AKA - "Empty Nest Bonding Time") and Mr Whitt (who usually grabs the Oreos, Moxie & Cheese-Its) found these gems while in search of garlic dill stackers.

The name alone was intriguing: Wickles.  According to the label they are "a wickedly delicious pickle."  Where else, but in New Hampshire would something be "wickedly good"?  (I was completely bummed when oldest DD came back from college in PA only to have lost "wicked good" from her vocabulary!  A sad day...) 

Back to the pickles... we snagged a jar with a shrug of our shoulders, popped it in the cart and went about the business of procuring sustenance for the next two weeks.  When we got home, I tucked them on the shelf and there they sat for a week or so.  The other night I was toasting up some yummy grilled cheese and decided to bring out the jar of Wickles.

These are not for the faint of heart or anyone with an aversion to spicy/tangy food.  They are sweet pickles with a bit more than a hint of chili pepper! Needless to say, in my book, in tiny little nibbles (1/4 of a pickle slice at a time...) they were AMAZING!!  I am a bit of a wimp where spicy goes, so those of you who slather on hot sauce might not blink an eye, but we found them pretty darn tasty!  I decided to add a few to my tuna sandwich yesterday and they were delish!  Then I realized - I NEED to tell you about them!  :o)  Gotta take care of my blog-world friends!

If you decide to give them a try, let me know what you think!  If you have any tasty goodies you think the rest of us ought to know about, do tell!

Enjoy your day and I hope it is WICKED GOOD!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Repurposing/refashioning/having a bit of fun

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

To anyone that needs it, BIG HUGS to you!!  Then again, don't we all?  

So I had this idea (perhaps it comes from being cooped up over the winter?) of getting together with friends and having a Pinterest Pinning Party (say that 3 times fast!!)  I posted to friends on Facebook, to see what sort of response I'd get and it was GREAT!  

So... I made up a survey at to get ideas for what everyone was interested in.  If you are reading this and want to get in on the fun but didn't do the survey, here it is:  You can click on the link, head over and answer a few questions.  

I am creating the first party based on the answers people are giving me, and what I can do. For example, several folks have asked for the theme "repurposing/recycling".  I've been collecting ideas that zip off that concept ... though I am hoping the munchies folks bring are NOT repurposed!  HAHAHA!

To help me get "in the mode" I decided to take a look-see at what I had that would get my repurposing juices flowing.  I found a bag of sweaters I had attempted tried done my best at felting at some point last year:

Quite a colorful lot, don't you say?

The next question I asked myself was which would be my victim I start with?  Hmmm ... I decided on the most colorful one!  Yippee!  So... over the next few days you can watch the fun as this little beauty becomes, well, I don't know...whatever she becomes!

Any ideas?  I have a come on back later and see what I come up with!

Quilty Hugs!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Living in NH, was there another picture?

Good morning, everyone!

So glad you stopped by!  Today is Wordless Wednesday.  That means today is a feast for the eyes.  Living here in NH, there were some obvious choices...


Feel free to post links to your own wonderful pictures in the comments below.  I'd love to stop by and take a look. :o)

Quilty Hugs,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LOVE Banner... just had to share!

Double bonus for today, folks!

Do you need a quick decoration for Thursday?  You totally should try this one!  I got the idea from .  Here is a link to her creation.  She used book pages, thereby making it more repurposed.  I would definitely try that another time...or with another project...yup, you'll be seeing THIS again!

 First, you'll need the following materials:
  • paper or book pages for the banner
  • red or pink paper for the hearts
  • decorations - I happened to have a couple of Valentine die cuts for my Sizzix
  • yarn, jute, string, etc to hang the banner

To make the banner, I took a piece of 8 1/2" x 11", fold it it the "hot dog way" (I taught 2nd grade for quite a while....) and cut out a triangle.  The first one was too deep.  This cut seemed to create what I wanted.

I laid the sample on another piece and cut out the triangle.  This kept there from being a line in all my pieces.  (I used the pink just to show contrast...though you could use any color you want!!)

Time to make the hearts!  I created them the same way - folding a piece of paper in half and then cutting the shape out till I got one I liked.
Next, grab a sharpie and write your letters.  I liked the ones Carissa used on her blog, so I copied them.

Next, I added a few cut outs.  If you use book pages, you might not need/want to do that.  Or you might have some name it!  It's YOUR banner!

 Time to attach them to the yarn.  I flipped them over and folded an edge to create a sleeve.

Then I drew on a bead of glue and pressed it down.

At this point, I need to inject some humor.  Kind of an "oopsie" moment here.  When I flipped it over look what I spelled?!?!?!  "E V O L"  yup... a bit of dyslexia here!

As you can see from the finished banner at the top, I was able to correct my mistake.  Should you make the same one, un-thread the banner, tie a safety pin on the end and poke it through with a kabob stick!  Yup... works just fine!

I will have to try other ones as this was fun and easy.  Off to make some lunch!
Have a great day, all and quilty hugs!

With 2 days to go...hopping hubby doesn't catch wind!!

Good morning, All!

I thought if anyone else was down to the wire for the big day, you might want an idea or two that might fit your time available!  Thought I might share what's in the works for the hubster for V-Day...  I have a card idea, a framed subway art I downloaded, some sweet goodies.

Feel free to borrow any of the ideas! 

Here's the card.... a bit of handmade mushy-ness!  

 First, cut out a heart from fabric.  I decided to layer it and cut one out of felt, just a bit bigger to "mount" the first heart on.

 I sewed them together and then sewed them both on with a zigzag stitch to the  cardstock.

 Next, time to pull out some scrapbooking goodies - it's a bit hard to see, but the lettering is white.  It shows up better below:

Viola!  What's inside?  Well (**blushing**) that's between the hubby and I!  Tee hee!

Now... I also downloaded and printed some perfect Subway Art from  She created a perfect Valentine's Day piece of art! Here's a link and here's a look!  (I had a little trouble with the lighting here...sorry!)

Lastly, something sweet!  Whitt is a lover of all things Reese.  That being said, I found a GREAT recipe for Peanut Butter cups here.  I made a batch and they are pretty tasty.  The recipe came from over at Blue Eyed .  A bit of peanut butter, some butter and graham crackers make up the base while yummy chocolate chips and milk form the chocolate layer.  The sea salt sprinkled on top finishes it off.  Stop by their site for further directions.  Here's my result:

They are YUMMY!  I did find them a bit softer than I anticipated, but the peanutty-chocolatey-salty goodness you produce?  Yah... soft is NO biggie!

Now, to the girls he works with... DON'T tell!  I am thinking he might even share some of the treats with you!!  He won't be getting them till Thursday keep quiet!  Hehehe!

Quilty hugs!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mining Mondays: New Stove = What to make???

Good morning, all!
Some of you may have heard, our oven has been a wee bit finicky for the past 3 months or so. Actually, "finicky" is a nice way of saying down right ornery!!  "Light it and hope" has been my mantra since somewhere around Thanksgiving!  I have been pinning and trying crockpot meals for a while (you may notice that if you are following me on Pinterest....), but thanks to the good people at Sears and the fact buying appliances in January is a good thing, a new gas stove is heading to the Whitt household this Friday!  SO excited!  Granted, it may take a bit to have hubby install it (his wrestling state meet is this weekend...) knowing we have it on the way is very exciting!

That being said, I thought for "Mining Monday" I would see what recipes catch my eye for breaking in a new oven!!  Something sweet , something healthy (yup, gotta do it) and something for dinner (okay...definitely a couple there!)  To access the recipes, just click on the links with each one.

So let's start looking!

For some reason, I have a hankering for honey roasted carrots!  These could certainly be done in a pot, on the stove, but there is something about the little bit of crispiness you get when baking them in the oven.  Click here for a recipe from one of my favorite places to turn to,  All you need are carrots, olive oil, honey and a bit of pepper. 

Something we have definitely missed are potato skins!  While out mining the morning, I found a GREAT recipe I can't wait to try at!!  Nacho Loaded Potato Skins!  OMG.. what's not to love about these!  Chipotle guacamole?  Oh yah, Whitt will love these!  (Might leave out the refried beans...)

Here's one I'm dying to try: Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread.  The name ALONE makes you want to check it out, right?  Emily has a great recipe on her blog that I can't wait to try!!  All you need is some chicken, bread dough, hot sauce and cheese!  YUMMY!!  Stop by her website for the directions.

My next thought is pizza... any pizza would do... but you will NEVER believe the one I found!!  Many of you know we are sugaring "folks" - and it's just about time to start tapping!  That being said, I just came across a recipe I HAVE to try, for breakfast, mind you.  Maple Bacon Pizza!  "NO WAY, you say?!?!"  YES, I say!  Zip over to the the Utah Local News website for the recipe!  How can a pizza with both bacon AND maple syrup not be to die for, eh?  The pictures say they came from Concord, NH - if you have more info, let me know and I'll add it!!

Now, about the sweets...  how about Apple Cinnamon Chai Bread Pudding?  Perhaps it's the beautiful dish she cooked it in, not sure, but this looks incredibly yummy! Hope over to Ann's website, Sumptuous Spoonfuls for wonderful recipes, especially how to make THIS!!  This is HER picture - I highly doubt mine will look as good - for starters, I don't have that lovely dish, or an oven yet to try it... but I will and when I do...  :o)

Okay... have I made you hungry?  Thank goodness I had breakfast first!  To check out any of the recipes, just click on the link and visit the websites of the talented folks listed.  I can't WAIT for my oven to try these myself!  I will let you know how it goes... maybe even next week?  We shall see!

Quilty hugs,