Monday, February 18, 2013

Mining Mondays: Super Soup Recipes!

Good morning, everyone!

It's a blustery cold February morning and I thought some yummy soup ideas might hit the spot for the day!

Let's see what I can find on this glorious Mining Monday!

How about a carrot ginger soup from
 I've been thinking I'd like to try using coconut oil!
 As a broccoli cheese soup lover, I am always looking for another recipe.  
This one is by NO means lo-cal, but looks good!  You'll find it at .

This looks delicious - roasted garlic and tomato!  
Head on over to to find out how to make it!

Here is a recipe from for shrimp potato soup!  
I always have a problem with dishes like this tasting "fishy" - anyone else?  
Might be doing something wrong or just be picky!

How about this wonderful "Silky Acorn Squash Soup" - LOVE a bit of curry in there!

Let's end today's search with one that caught my eye and once I clicked on it I just HAD to save the recipe: Caribbean Chicken Soup with Parsley Dumplings!!  
OMG - doesn't that sound yummy!!   I have a feeling I might be spending some time on her site!!

Stay warm, all and cook soup!!  Comment with any other great recipes you've found!
Quilty hugs,

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