Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fairy House Fun: Pennants on Sticks

Due to the fact we are doing some fairy house fun at work, I thought I'd share some of the mini projects I've been having creating as models to give our visitors ideas.

This week is a series of workshops including a day of making fairies, another of accessories and the last day creating a mini house. **COME BY THURSDAY AT The Monadnock Center for History and Culture AND YOU CAN MAKE THIS!!

Today I'd like to show you how to make a sweet little set of pennants, which could also be PERFECT on a cake!  HAHA!  Double duty! 

Here's what you need:
  • Pair of sticks - they could be right off the ground outside OR coffee stirrers, like these.
  • String
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Glue Stick
  • *ALSO - Accessories (like the butterfly) if you have them
Here's how they look on a plant in the office.  Cute, right?

First, you need some scrapbook paper.  I like to mix it up with solids and prints.  Oh... and some scissors and glue.  Cut out out some pennants.

Fold the pennant over the string and snip off the extra.  You can see where it is on the yellow and how I trimmed it on the print.

Take your handy dandy glue stick and glue them down.  Tie the two ends to the sticks.

I LOVE it out on the planter at work!  The butterfly is a velum scrapbooking goodie.

There you go!  Perfect for fairy decorations OR your latest birthday cake adventure!
Happy creating,
PS.  Come visit us and make this and other goodies 4/23-25!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mining Monday: DIY Market Bag Bonanza

Amidst the massive cleaning/reorganizing of the weekend (okay, Saturday) I came upon a box of fabric I had pre-cut to make some bags, tote type, some time ago.  Rather than move them to the scrap bins, I thought I'd turn them into bags to sell at the up-coming farmer's market (just 3 weeks away!)  Just quick and easy ones you can fold up and tuck in a bag or your glove compartment.

So today's Mining Monday is a search for patterns and ideas to get me fired up!

The perfect place to start is the Green Bag Lady.  She and her peeps have produced and shared almost 27,000 tote bags for others, a project she created to replace plastic bags when shopping.  You can actually sign up to win some on her blog, HERE and follow her on Facebook, HERE.  Right on her home page you can find links to make your own bags - sweet!

Want something a bit ruggeder?  Perhaps you need to stop at the library on the way?  I found this one made from canvas over at Sutton Grace.

Perhaps you want something more "purse-like"?  According to the Moda Bake Shop, you can make this in 2 hours - though I am looking for quicker, BUT I like the use of fabrics, so I'm adding it in.  I really liked the tutorial, as well - some GREAT ideas there!

This is a bit more of what I am thinking (time-wise) and I like the way they constructed the handles.  This is pattern comes from JoAnn's and is actually called a Market Bag. They use heavier, upholstery material for this one.

A similar idea, called the Martha Market Bag has some good info about construction. 

I honed in on this one by Punkin Patterns for the fabric alone!  I also liked upping the strength of the bag (cotton) with interfacing.  But really?  It was about the purple fabric...just saying...

Hey, how about this one made from a pair of pillowcases designed by the Sewing Dork?  Sooo makes me want a serger...sigh...

Did you know they make the material you see the bags from the big box stores?  That light weight utility fabric?  According to She Wears Flowers, you can get it at JoAnn's! Who knew?  She has a great tutorial using said fabric ... oh, and it's purple too!  She has wonderful directions, too!

Oh boy.. oh boy!!  I just picked up some laminated fabric, so this pattern is PERFECT!!  She includes some VERY important ideas about how to work with it so that things like MELTING don't happen!  Yikes... that would be me!  Here's one of the ones I have available right now.

Whoa... looking for some bigger bags?  I ran across these by Michael Miller!  Not made to sling over your shoulder and I'm pretty sure you'd have to be rather rugged to lift them out of the cart, but maybe I'm just getting old!  LOL!

Oh my, then I found this little gem on Martha's website: easy peasy removable organizer to go INSIDE your tote!  How often have you been scrounging around inside a tote to find things like your wallet or a pen?

Want something "one shot" - almost no sewing?  How about this idea from Between the Lines for a bag made from a T-Shirt?  Unfortunately I just snipped up all my "stash" to start on T-Shirt quilts for hubby and DD.  Oh well...

I'd like to wrap up today with one last bag, you'll know why as soon as you see it!  I think it was MADE for me!  Hehe!

Do you have any other fun tote bag ideas?  Please share them or a link to them!
Have a great day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter, however you celebrate: Ours is a scavenger hunt!

Adorable bunny from my friend Karen for the boys!
Sending best wishes for a happy Easter to you all, however you celebrate this holiday.  Whether it's time spent in church, with family, enjoying Easter fun with children, cooking or creating in your own way, I wish you the best.

We'll share a meal at lunch with part of our family (and a delicious ham cooked with a maple syrup/honey mustard glaze, of course!) hence crazy cleaning yesterday, then a super fun "first" with our grandsons - a plastic egg scavenger hunt I've devised to mix things up that will lead them to the books I bought.  Hehe!

Here's the set up:
  1. There are two of them (ages 3 & 4) so it's important that are two eggs at each "find". 
  2. We will start by giving each of them an egg with the first clue inside.  
  3. We'll head out (perhaps in their safari hats their mom got at the Smithsonian!) in search of the next clues.
  4. We will go from clue to clue (in the mailbox, on your slide, in the sap house, etc) till the final clue takes us to where the goodies are hidden!
Grandpa's Plow

By the big pine...

In your watering can...

On the blue tractor...
 I thought it would be OODLES more fun than just finding plastic eggs hidden in my living room and it's a gorgeous day outside!
Here's the final stop - Ryan's car seat!  :)
What Easter traditions do you have?
Best wishes to you all,

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Netflix for Crafters: Have you seen Creativebug?

I will be the first to admit I can get lost on Youtube.  Some of the videos are awesome and inspire me to do new and different things, like the ones I've seen by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I have tried LOTS of new things, thanks to Jenny - and more to come, for sure.

I've also found some that leave me thinking, "Wow... did no one suggest any edits to you?"  Which in turn, makes me leery to try that myself. :)

I ran across another option last night.  To be fair, I've only watched a couple, and they were free, but I LOVE it so far!  It's called Creativebug.  Pretty sure it came across my FaceBook feed (that's how advertising works with FB: you pay to have your add pop up for people who fit your demographic) and I wandered over.

There are both videos for free and those with a price tag attached.  The ones which cost start out at $9.95 each.  They also have a monthly subscription for $9.95 which intrigues me.  You have total access to all their videos.  Kind of like Netflix for crafters! 

I started with a short video on a trick to make a 1/4"seam (super necessary for those of us who quilt) and then watched a longer piece on how to make ombre napkins.  I am TOTALLY going to try that one!!  Here's a link to their FREE content. I will definitely be exploring that section MUCH more thoroughly.

I like the variety on the site.  There's plenty of sewing related offerings (as well as quilting specifically), but also jewelry making and crafts for kids.  The ombre napkins came up in the wedding section (one that interests me greatly at this time).

Have you tried Creativebug yourself?  If so, what do you think?  Is it a good value for the money?

I'll let you know how it goes.
Have a creative day!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Headbands galore! Sharing once again... :)

One of my top posts over the past few years was about finding fun headbands to make.  I thought I might share it again with those of you that missed it or are new to Whitt's Kits.

There are all sorts of ideas here - hopefully you'll find one you like!  Let me know if you've got other ideas to share in the comments below.  We'd LOVE to check them out!!


Head over to Mine for the Making to see how to make headbands from bandanas!

Braided headbands - sooooo want to try these (idea from Alisa Burke)
(**NOTE: to follow tutorial, click on the pictures, one by one - each has the step)

A post I did awhile back for fabric covered headband!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - 4/16/14

It's Wednesday. Wordless Wednesday.  In more than one way, I have no words, at least not ones I'd like to print.  It snowed last night. WHAT?  sigh...

Thinking warm thoughts... enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Year Ago Today --> Repurposing Jeans

Good morning, friends -
I thought that I would share a popular post from a year ago today with you for those of you who are new to the blog or might have missed it.  Let's take a look what to do with some old jeans!!

This post was from April 15, 2013...

My hubby decided it was time to part with a pile of his worst deadest most favorite jeans that had seen, as the saying goes "seen better days."  Long ago...better days.

He was going to bring them to the rag bag, but I stopped him short: "Hey, where are you going with those?"  Him: "Ummm... to toss them?"  Me: "OMG, NO!  I can re-purpose those!" Him: "Wait, does this have to do with your blog?" Me: "Blog...um...no....I am saving the earth!"  Him: "Really, because I am pretty sure I just saw a site open on the computer over there about what to do with dead jeans... and I am imagining YOU see a blog post in it..." Me: "Well...maybe..."

Once we cleared that up, he left me a pile of jeans and walked away...very quickly...before I changed my mind.  Yes, there was a blog post in them, probably a few, but we'll start with one today because it's Mining Monday and I need some ideas!  I mean, really, I have 5 pairs of ratty old jeans just lying here, waiting patiently.

The first idea I ran across that caught my eye was a bean bag toss game that would be perfect for my grandsons - they were here a couple times this weekend and something SOFT to throw appeals to me.  I found it at Chica and Jo, a great site for all sorts of fun crafts and games.

Dollar Store Crafts had this great placemat idea.  I'm into cloth napkins and placemats, a fairly new thing for me and these are so cute!  I might have to use something else for the body - not sure if there is enough that isn't too, well ruined, to use!

Because I am considering taking up crochet, or at least giving it the "old college try" again, maybe I need one of these denim project bags Lesa at Home Frostings designed.  I am pretty sure I could do this - might take 2 pairs of the dun-zo jeans or perhaps I make it a little smaller?

I definitely need more pot holders, with all the cooking I am doing, so maybe I need to give these a try!  It's a perfect use for the pockets, don't you think?  The website is Finish, but you can figure out what to do pretty much with her pictures.

Over the weekend I did a blog post that showed some great tea cozie ideas - here's another: a drink cozie made from the pocket area of a pair of jeans.  I think all these ideas together might work!

Here's one that the perfect use of the legs: a pennant!  I don't have the crazy cool machine to make the lettering, so I'd have to cut it out, but I've got some pretty sharp scissors I could use.

Well, I think these ideas would pretty much take care of the jeans.  Let's see what I come up with this week and I will let you know.

Have you done any repurposing/refashioning/recycling this week?  Do tell!
Quilty hugs,