Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day #25 - Just incase we lose power...

I am thinking we may be without power tomorrow morning as the snow has started and the wind is coming right along with it.  That being said, I thought I might report on today NOW, while I can!

First off, I want to say that all the fabrics for the Fruity Fun are on their way to some wonderfully creative people who are off to check their stash and get rolling!  YEAH!!! Can't wait to see how they come out!!  As soon as everyone is done, I'll do a drawing and one of those creative people will win ALL the blocks!  Seeing what they do with them just get's the creative juices flowing...

As to what I was up to today... before heading off to work I stitched out a design for my everyday apron that I'd been thinking of doing...thread got wonky on one of the swirls and there was no brown!  Not quite sure what happened there.  Nothing a bit of marker won't fix!  :o)

From my fav place, the Embroidery Library!!

After work I whipped out the small pieces of fabric I need to put together the "How much do you love me, mom?" bag tags for my daughter's softball team, heated up the irons and got to it!  Okay... I just have to ask: "HOW MANY TIMES WILL I HAVE TO BURN MYSELF ON THAT SILLY CLOVER IRON BEFORE I REMEMBER NOT TO TOUCH ANY PART OF IT?????" Obviously more times/opportunities to learn than I have given myself!  OUCH!  (You can guess what that means...a pair of nasty marks on my thumb and forefinger where I grabbed ... yes, grabbed.. the stand it sits on, WHICH is red hot, at that point!)

Anyway, I needed a bit more time than she had, so the family toddled off to practice and I kept at it till I finished them and then zipped them over to the gym (a ride I've made so many times since 1975 that I can do it with my eyes closed, but it's best I leave them open, especially when the snow is coming down...) so that they could have them tonight BEFORE heading off to CT this weekend!  Yup, 'cause I DO love her that much!  Hopefully they will like them!  These are the ones I am learning to make from a pattern I purchased on Etsy.  I LOVE the Pellon that you use for the "body" - it's VERY thick and double sided fusible so it's great to work with.  The pattern called for using grommets and then ribbon, but, I'm having "grommet issues" of late ... okay...I stink at them, but I WILL learn how to make them work properly and not get all squinchy!  Until then, I will make straps (coordinating, of course).

So it's time to do a few more things around the house...sigh... and then we'll see what tomorrow brings.  I hope all is well weather-wise where you are and you stay safe and sound!
Guess March is "out like a lion" this year and April Fool's Day is NO JOKE!

Night, All!

Day #24 - "Mom, how much do you love me?"

Good morning, everyone!
When your 16-year-old says that, you KNOW something is up!  My daughter came home with a equipment/bat bag that she and each of her teammates received at pratctice last night.  13 identical black bags.  SHE had this wonderful idea (actually, it was pretty good...) that since I make bag tags, that I make 13 different ones so that each girl can find her bag easily!

Well,what's a mom to say, when her daughter is proud of what she does, eh?  So... will be posting some pix of that in the next few days, assuming we don't lose power tomorrow night!!!  If I disappear off the face of the earth its probably due to the nor'easter heading up the coast to New England tonight!

Yesterday was a bit about finishing up somethings, tidying up the creative world! Here's the results:

A bookmark that's been sitting there... just waiting...

Handles on the tote that started the orange revolution here!  Not sure how I feel about them.  Good chance you'll see an update with a change!
And then there is the NEXT tray cover/placemat/mug rug that I worked on as I tighten up and make corrections on the directions/pattern for it!  This was constructed with hubby in mind!  Little fun with machine embroidery first, then work with blues and browns!

6 cyber friends have commented, trying to win the beautiful Thimbleberries pattern and fat eighths!  That remains open till Sunday, so head over and comment!

I have mailed out 4 of the Fruity Fun fabrics...hee hee! Can't wait to see the progress! At this moment there is still ONE FABRIC LEFT!! Claim it and YOU are in!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  Stay safe and warm as the bad weather heads your way, if you are on the East Coast with us!  As for me, it's off to do the blah stuff (laundry, some dishes, you know...) before a few minutes of fun creating!  I need to embroider some softballs!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day #23 - Fruity Fun Snowball blocks turned into project! Woot woot!

Good afternoon, all!

A bit late in posting today as I had to be a mommy/wife and get groceries because, dare I say it, there is a rather large snowstorm (the words Nor'easter are being thrown around) headed our way tomorrow evening into Friday.  Had to stock the cupboards!

Have a wee bit too much fun yesterday after posting the Fruity Fun project.  Fabrics are on their way to several folks already, so I can't WAIT to see what you do!  There are still a couple left, so pop back to yesterday's post and sign up if you want to give it a try!

I also realized we need a way to see what others are doing, so I started a Yahoo group to share our work. Stop by and join, if you want to post pix!  I assume it will be slow to start, but you have to begin somewhere, right?  I've created a folder to post pictures of the Fruity Fun pieces.

So, about the fun I had?  I decide to play around with sizes and such and wondered what sort of things we could do with these yummy goodies?  One thing became another and the next thing I knew I had a tray cloth/placemat/big mug rug!!  Then I is good, more is better!  Hubby is always taking my dish towels to line his tray while munching, soooo... I'm on #3 right now!!  Will post that pic tomorrow!

Yummy top, ready to go, backing and a towel in need of new life!

I will post the directions for making these in the Yahoo Group files once I finish re-writing them!

This one ended up a big bigger than the first one, adaptations and all!
 I hope everyone enjoys their afternoon & evening and has a chance to do something creative ~ it's way fun!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fruity Fun!

So... here's my idea...

I thought, "Let's have some fun together!" I found a pretty easy quilt block (Shoo Fly, at that I thought most of us could do.

Here's what I'll do: I will send the first 5 commentors some fruit to make the block! (You keep whatever scraps you don't use and SAVE THEM!  More ideas for that later...)  After all 6 of us are done (hee hee, MINE'S finished!!) we'll draw someone's name and that person get's all 6 blocks!! You can make a table runner, wall hanging, the start of a quilt for your bed, whatever!! What do you think?

If you are in and are one of the first 5, I'll need you to mail me your address to carrie dot whittemore at gmail dot com and I'll ship them out to you.  It's as easy as that!  If you just want to create along with us (or you are number 6, 7, 8...)  feel free to follow my directions below (or visit Quilt dot com for their directions).  I will create a place to view what we've done either in a Yahoo group, on Flicker, or whatever I can figure out!

You in?

If so, here we go!!

I will send the first five people one of the fruit fabrics I have (you will have NO IDEA which one you are receiving...muahahaha!)
  1. You need to select (from your stash or a trip to the fabric store... oh.... toooo bad!!) a coordinating fabric to go along with what your fruits.
  2. First, from the fruity fabric you received, you need to cut one block, 4 1/2" square.  Then two blocks 4 7/8" square.  From your coordinate you need to cut four blocks that are 4 1/2" square and two that are 4 7/8" square.
  3. Cut the 4 7/8" squares into triangles.
  4. Lay out your block.
  5. Using 1/4" seams, begin by sewing the pairs of triangles together, press the seam and lay out on your table space.  Do all four pairs.
  6. Then, sew the rows together, again using 1/4" seams.  For the top and bottom, sew a half triangle block to a full square and repeat for the other side. For the middle row, sew the three squares together. Lay them out to check (any Oopsies?)
  7. Now you are ready to sew the rows together.  Check your seams, pin and sew with 1/4" seam.  Press.  Repeat with the third row.  Press. 
  8. Admire!
  9. Take a photo and post it!!
  10. Wait to see if you win all six!
Let's get sewing, ladies!

Day #22 - Bit of sorting and ohhhhh a GREAT idea!!

Good morning, everyone!

Well, I guess some days my "creativity" is bound to include...WORK! :o) Such was yesterday! My fabric room is currently, shall we say, in flux? I yearn for organization, but, overall, it eludes me. I spent a good part of the day sorting and ATTEMPTING to organize the space. I went through loads and loads, deciding what should go with what and in which tub. I think, I would like some shelving so that the fabric doesn't have to be in such big tubs, which (beggers can't be choosers) keep things together, but make finding specific fabric, how shall I say... IMPOSSIBLE!

The good news is, I came up with a fun little idea to share with you all. While I was sorting I found a set of gorgeous fruits and veggies fabric from the RJR Farmer's Market line. Just delectable peaches (which I "picked" for mine ...), grapes, blueberries, bananas, melons and apples. Yum yum!

Would you like to see my idea?  Curious?  Here's what I've done with my idea:

Check my next blog post for a super fun bit 'sharin' we can do!!

Have a GREAT day, all!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Win a pattern and Fat 8ths!

Good morning, cyber friends!

It's time for another "thanks for following me" drawing!

This week it's Thimbleberries Scrap Patch Paddlewheel Quilt pattern(including wall quilt) and 5 fat eighths to get you started! The booklet has 6 pages of directions!

EACH of these is worth an entry into the drawing:
1. Leave a comment below and tell us one thing you look forward to doing know that spring is (MAYBE???) coming.
2. Follow this blog! (if you already do, remind me in the comment - if you are new, just let me know in the comment)
3. Mention it on your blog, Facebook and/or Twitter (Just let me know which ones you did! One entry for each!)

The drawing will be on Sunday!

Thanks for being a part of my blogging world!

Day #21 - Makes a habit, baby!

Good morning, everyone!

It's another nippy morning here in New Hampshire! It is a balmy 22 degrees this morning...sweet! :o( Didn't anyone mention to Mother Nature that Phil (the wonder groundhog) said spring was upon us??? Oh well...

In honor of warmth, I found some GORGEOUS yarns while out crusing the Net yesterday!
It is in a Zibbet shop run by Life's an Expedition. The yarn looks good enough to eat! May NEED some to fill my newly made knitting bags!!

Yesterday I was working on fabric - sorting, trimming and such while running the embroidery machine making up some designs for the boys for their Easter bags/buckets/whatever I end up deciding to do.

We had the little fellas for awhile yesterday while their mom and dad went out to dinner and we introduced the Ry-man to markers... I have a VERY decorated box in the living room and lots of paper with marks all over it! He was amazed at the way the markers left marks! It was GREAT!

Today I am back at the fabric ... my goal is to "find" the room and get it sorted better so that hubby can bring the humungus file cabinet in for me to help with the organizational structure! There's a concept! Here is a picture of it's frightening!

Looks like I'd better get to work!
Have a great day, all and watch for this weeks drawing...coming in a few minutes!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

And the winner is....

.... #2!  Prissy!

Just email me, Prissy, at carrie dot whittemore at gmail dot com (dot = . and at = @) with your addy and I'll mail them out tomorrow!

Congrats, Prissy and thanks to everyone else for entering the first drawing!

Now, for this weeks...muahahaha!   (As she gleefully rubs her hands together as she looks over the mounds and mounds of fabric and goodies....)'ll have to wait till later this afternoon or tonight as Blogspot is having an issue with uploading photographs, so I'll have to wait until they've solved that!  Ha!!

I'll post it as soon as possible!

Day #20 1/2 - How-To Fleece Blanket & a couple of notes

Good morning!

Thought I'd pop in a quick "how to" this morning and this one is a GREAT quick project, and oh so warm and snuggly as it's a balmy 18 degrees here in NH this beautiful March morning!

You have probably noticed those rolls of pairs of fleece at JoAnn's Fabrics (and other places as well...) to make a double sided fleece blanket. They are SUPER SIMPLE and lots of fun!

No Sew Fleece Blanket

You need:
• Two 1 1/2 yards pieces of coordinating fleece fabric (total of 3 yards ~ I like one solid and one print)
• Scissors or rotary cutter
• Ruler

Lay the two pieces of fleece one on top of the other RIGHT SIDES FACING OUT lining up the edges so they are even and trim off any selvages. (Selvages are the parts of the fabric along the edge, often white and marked.)

I like to lay them on the floor and then cut away a 4”x4” square of each corner.

You are ready to fringe! You can do this on a table (if you use a rotary cutter) or on the floor (if you use scissors). Cut in towards the center along the edges of the two fleece pieces 4 inches deep, every inch, creating what looks like fringed teeth! Continue this all around the blanket. The 4” squares you cut out frees up the corners as you come around.

All fringed? You are ready to start tying! Personally, I do this part while watching TV, chatting with my girls or listening to music! Begin on one side and tie one fringe from each fleece to the fringe piece below it. Some people like to knot every other one, flip it over and then tie those knots to keep things more even.

You can whip these up in an evening! The girls each made one on a Christmas Eve! So head over to JoAnn's or your favorite fabric store and let's start this one!

Couple of quick notes:
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day #19 & Day 20ish - A combination of creations!

Good evening, friends!

I didn't log in this morning as I was a bit busy, trying to finish up what I had started yesterday!  Didn't QUITE make it, but 'tis good enough as there is syrup to boil this evening!

So, I had tossed out yesterday that I was looking to create another pillow with a floral botanical design from Embroidery Library.  Well... I make the inner block and started on the border.  I stepped outside my normal triangles/squares/etc and went stripes (various widths), cut diagonally, tossed in some corner blocks and then machine quilted it around the inner block and along the stripes.  Then I looked at it.

I didn't like it.  I couldn't see it as a pillow. I was totally bummed out!

I looked at it some more and then I suddenly saw it wasn't supposed to be a pillow, it was a bag!  AH HA!!!  So I sewed it up, tidied up the corners, added a lining, a hooky-thingy off a purse (to hang keys) and then went to work on the handles!  That's where I am at with it right now as I am stimied a bit as to what I want to use ~ I went with grommets to run the handles through, but what I wanted to use wasn't long enough! (bit of an unpublished Oopsie there!)

Then, suddenly, I wanted to see what to do with the scraps!  Muahahaha! 

I chopped up the border into 1" strips and arranged them in a bit of a bargello pattern, quilted them to a piece of flannel-like fabric (another story there...), lined it and viola!  A glasses case! 

Then, with the last of the scraps from THAT part, I cut a circle, gathered it, filled it and made a sweet little pin cushion!  My daughter says I'm addicted to them now!  Finally, I took a few pieces and whipped up a luggage/bag tag from the same fabric!  Such a combo!  With a few more minutes, there's a headband in the making! 

Wow, that was FUN!!

Did I mention I don't particularly care for orange?  Hmmm...what to do...what to do....

So, TOMORROW is the first drawing for the blog ~ pop in and comment and YOU might win! 

See you then,

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day #18 - Why am I doing this? (and peeks at the next project!)

Good morning, everyone!

I have to start out by mentioning I was reading a new blog this morning, called Life at Ruffhaven by Marianne.  Her post for the 22nd was about why she blogs.  She had a conversation with someone (VERY similar to ours, Michelle!) about WHY people blog ~ we (like Marianne's friend) just couldn't understand why anyone would do it!

And yet, here I am...doing that very same thing!

I loved what Marianne said - that bloggers are sharing a little something of themselves and in doing so are a part of something much bigger than they are!  That and it's about connecting. In this world that is growing smaller by the minute, our ability to reach out and touch anyone, just about anywhere on the planet at any moment is at odds with the fact we are doing so in a way that almost isn't real.  We sit on the other side of computers NOT seeing the person facing us (thank goodness sometimes, as I'm in jammies!)  I think that blogging, sharing who we are and what we love with others, makes that connection more real.  You see photos of people and their world and suddenly they are not just "somebody on the other end" ~ they are a mom, grandmother, quilter, New Englander, dog lover, whatever! 

When I look through blogs, I am looking for ones to follow that draw me in ~ their story, color, photos of their world, cool things they are making and doing, links and ideas that I can follow and make a part of me.  I find kindred spirits, creative souls who take the risk of sharing a piece of themselves.  That is why I create and follow blogs...

That and you'll keep me honest ~ my follower/friends!  If I've told you I'll do something creative each day for 365 Days, well, I have to do it!  Right?  I've made a promise this will keep me from renigging - 21 days makes a habit they say, so I'm on my way!

Quick note of progress in my crafting world:
  • embroidery machine needles ... seem to be having a bit of a problem with them...sigh... broke 3 in 2 days! 
  • and started a new pillow project for April.  Am playing with orange and pulling out fabrics to coordinate!  It's a tiger lily.  The only times I've ever worked with orange is for my niece, A, so this is sticking a toe out into the water of stretching my boundaries!

Have a wonderful day, all of you!
Get out there and create!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day #17 1/2 - So I just CAN'T NOT blog in the morning! Lol!

Good morning, friends!

This will be a quicky as well...just 'cause!

I've been checking about blogs since taking the Process Pledge from the list off of Rossie's blog!  It's wonderful!  There are now over 580 people listed who've promised to NOT just put the perfect endings out there - my Oopsies fit perfectly! 

While clicking through them this morning I found one I HAD to check out: Obsessive Crafting Disorder (or OCD!)  The title caught my eye and I found myself clicking "Follow" almost right away!  She's having a drawing tomorrow for a set of fabrics, so follow this link and you may win!!  You just never know you you are going to meet out in the blogging world!

I was looking for a nice picture to add some color to today's blog and snagged one from a couple of years ago with my best bud at her wedding.  I'm on the left and she's on the right.  Thought it would be nice to put a face with the name ~ and honestly, there are NOT too many pictures of me out there!  I prefer to be BEHIND the camera, thank you very much!

Enjoy the day, All!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day #17 - Embracing my inner Oopsie

Good evening, friends!
I am blogging in the evening, because well, I can!  I'm an adult... there are NO set rules, just daily creating, right?

Today, this morning, was my first "Wordless Wednesday."  I posted a table runner I really enjoyed making and liked visually and added a couple of my photographs that just seemed to say: "Hey, here's something pretty and oooh, look, we go together!"

They photos and the work, yes they are mine, but if you need them?  They fit in your world, by all means, have at them, be creative, do as you will!  :o)

So, you'll notice I mentioned the "Oopsie".... hmmmm... freaked out this morning AFTER my blogging post.  If you've read any of my other posts, you'll know I've been working on some items for hubby's wresting team.  I can finally post them as we made it through the banquet this evening.  Always a bit of sadness as you say goodbye to the seniors, but after 29 years you learn it's only "see you later"!

AsI am now the proud owner of an embroidery machine OF COURSE I jumped in and said I would be HAPPY to make some of your awards/goodies/etc!!  I cruised over to one of my favorite sites, found some great wrestling designs and went to work. 

For starters, can I say it is WAY easier to create on 100% cotton quilt fabric than T-shirt/polo shirt material?  First off, just getting the shirt locked in and on the machine is NO easy task!!  The T-shirts came out pretty good.  Adding writing was a bit of a challenge, but I felt the results were acceptable. 

So, on to the shirts for the wonderful young men who assisted him...nice navy polos.... #1 was okay... came out pretty good, I was cruising.  So, on to #2...did I mention I was trying to do it BEFORE work? stress there.  Suddenly I realized the machine was making a bit of an odd noise, not necessarily a good one.  I looked over to see the little man SUCKED INTO THE MACHINE!!!  OH NO...massive bobbin attack!! 

The white by the Oopsie at the top of this post is a HOLE in the shirt!  Did I also mention we live 45 minutes from the nearest store with shirts?  Oh, and I had to head to work?  And I had about a total of an hour between returning from work and going to banquet?  No...well, I did!  Stress level = WAY UP!  I consider myself a bit of a solution oriented kind of chick..let's make a patch!  Result, the outside border was ICKY!!!  At that point, I put the shirts down, grabbed the Oopsie and moved on!

Moral of the story: life goes on ~ the boys loved the shirts that are done, the video was a huge hit (especially with the moms & dads!), and my hubby still loves me, even though I feel like a giant Oopsie sometimes!

Also, thought you might like to see what we are doing at work (the wonderful and fun Peterborough Historical Society: an amazing exhibit on the stories of people from our area during the Civil War.  It opens on Friday, folks, so come on by!  My wonderful friend and boss Michelle and I are are pretty darn creative so if you are in the area, come on by!  $3 admission, Wednesdays through Saturdays, starting this weekend! 

Have a wonderful night, all!

Day #16 - Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday ... enjoy!

Don't forget to enter to win a gorgeous FQ and sweet pin cushion in this week's drawing!  Just leave a comment and we'll see who wins on Sunday!

Enjoy the day,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Win a pin cushion and a FQ!

I've decided that as I am creating, I come up with all sorts of goodies that are taking up space and NEED to go to a good home!

Yesterday as I was playing with working on the March Pillow Party Pillow (say that 3 times fast!) I made up a sweet little pin cushion from an couple of extra blocks!  I attached a pin from a bottle of goodies and viola!

To sweeten the deal, the winner may select their favorite of the 3 Timeless Treasure FQ's that are left after I made my choice!  Like purple?  This is for YOU!

(going left to right, #2 is gone - it's what I chose to use for the pillow back)

To enter, just comment below and tell us something creative you are working on/would like to work on/dream of doing, whatever!  I will use the random number draw doodly-wicky to pick a winner this Sunday night, March 27th!!

Good luck!

Day #15 - FINISHED Wrestling DVD and joined Blogging Pillow Party!

Good morning, everyone!

PHEW!  I finished the DVD for hubby's wrestling team and got 1/2 of them copied.  Just in time, too, as the banquet is tomorrow night!  Shauna helped me tidy it up at the end ~ sometimes you look at things too long and miss things you need to tweek, so that was good.

My big wicked fun creative piece came out of discovering the Bloggers Pillow Party idea yesterday!  I joined a group of over 575 creative bloggers who promise to blog about the process, as well as the product, which is right up the alley of what I've been doing these 15 days!  It's the Process Pledge.  You can check it out by following that link or the button down on the right-hand side of this page!

 So, I created a pillow just because of it and here it is, process and all!  Enjoy!

Step #1 - Select colors and cut into 4" squares.

Step #2 - Get the embroidery machine humming!

Step #3 - Check twice, sew once...when you don't... OOPSIE!! 
 (a new sign I made and keep for my Oopsies!!)

Step #4 - Arrange, rearrange, arrange the blocks again!

Step #5 - Sew blocks together...stab yourself multiple times with pins... check!

Step #6 - Trim it up.

Step #7 - Decisions, decisions... what should be back it with?


The step missing is the one where I tried to make piping with a piece of clothesline ~ great idea, but I didn't have a foot for my machine that would allow me to get close enough!  We'll try that another time.  Did the same color fabric, but as a trim, between the layers!

So off to list this in the pillow party, baby!  What do you think?

Oh, and watch for a drawing for the adorable little pin cushion I crafted up from pieces!  Hee hee! 

Enjoy the day,