Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day #19 & Day 20ish - A combination of creations!

Good evening, friends!

I didn't log in this morning as I was a bit busy, trying to finish up what I had started yesterday!  Didn't QUITE make it, but 'tis good enough as there is syrup to boil this evening!

So, I had tossed out yesterday that I was looking to create another pillow with a floral botanical design from Embroidery Library.  Well... I make the inner block and started on the border.  I stepped outside my normal triangles/squares/etc and went stripes (various widths), cut diagonally, tossed in some corner blocks and then machine quilted it around the inner block and along the stripes.  Then I looked at it.

I didn't like it.  I couldn't see it as a pillow. I was totally bummed out!

I looked at it some more and then I suddenly saw it wasn't supposed to be a pillow, it was a bag!  AH HA!!!  So I sewed it up, tidied up the corners, added a lining, a hooky-thingy off a purse (to hang keys) and then went to work on the handles!  That's where I am at with it right now as I am stimied a bit as to what I want to use ~ I went with grommets to run the handles through, but what I wanted to use wasn't long enough! (bit of an unpublished Oopsie there!)

Then, suddenly, I wanted to see what to do with the scraps!  Muahahaha! 

I chopped up the border into 1" strips and arranged them in a bit of a bargello pattern, quilted them to a piece of flannel-like fabric (another story there...), lined it and viola!  A glasses case! 

Then, with the last of the scraps from THAT part, I cut a circle, gathered it, filled it and made a sweet little pin cushion!  My daughter says I'm addicted to them now!  Finally, I took a few pieces and whipped up a luggage/bag tag from the same fabric!  Such a combo!  With a few more minutes, there's a headband in the making! 

Wow, that was FUN!!

Did I mention I don't particularly care for orange?  Hmmm...what to do...what to do....

So, TOMORROW is the first drawing for the blog ~ pop in and comment and YOU might win! 

See you then,

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