Monday, March 14, 2011

Day #7 - Luggage/Bag Tags and "Getting Your Sewing On"

Happy Monday, All!

A new week begins, and with it a trip to the local middle school to help researching with a class of 5th graders studying the railroads for work.

Yesterday was playing around with luggage tags, the project I started yesterday and playing with our grandsons! 

So, on the luggage tags (pattern from Cherie - go check it out!!) I learned some things, but about myself and about the tags.  First, about me:
  • I need to do something a few times, to get the bugs out (not one of those "first times a charm" sort of people.
  • Talking to myself is OKAY.
  • I love putting different fabric combinations together and figuring out what goes.
  • I really need more space! 
Secondly, about the tags:
  • when tracing the lines to cut out on the Peltex (having used Sharpie) do not put the side with the Sharpie OUT when you iron it 'cause if you do it makes adorable little black dots that show through!
  • The mini iron is a gift from the gods! (okay, from my husband, but he's god-like!) This little baby made ironing the Peltex on and doing the edges a DREAM once I remembered I had it! 
  • Oh...and on that same vein, irons and vinyl = BAD!! 

On an entirely different note, while out crusing the cyberworld I found this GREAT video!  I am a fan of anyone with the talent to parody and well, I am a fan of sewing!  Check it out!  It's based on Justin Timberlake's "Bringing Sexy Back," but it's about sewing!  Too funny!

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