Friday, March 11, 2011

Day #4

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday was finishing up my first knitting bag ~ enjoyed working with a very different fabric! Being a tactile person, it was lovely! As I create, make and learn about what I like and do like about each project I do, I get ideas for another! Lol! I am already thinking about different fabrics I saw at (what we've called for 50 years...) the "Mill End" and how gorgeous they'd look, what lining I could use, should I try having hubby make me handles...etc...etc... the list goes on and on!

I also want to "name" each one. I thought that so much work goes into each piece and you "live with it" as you create it, soooooo.... let's give them each a name!! :o) Then, of course, the issue is do you give it a name based on who it makes you think of? Who would use it? What colors someone likes? "All of the above," I guess.

I should also report that not all is fun and easy-peasy. I was working up a tooth fairy pillow design on the embroidery machine and heard the ping sound that comes with "oops, the thread broke," to see that it was a bit bigger than that and the design was sucked down into the bobbin area!! OMG!!! Hate when that happens...evil bobbin! I left it as I had to toddle off to earn the big bucks and am heading over to it this morning to see if I can save the design! Wish me luck!

Enjoy the day,

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