Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day #9 - Making my first Etsy Treasurys, stitching out some new designs and sorting 100 pounds of fabric!

Good morning, everyone!

Heard some sleet hitting the roof as we were just getting up this morning ~ March in New Hampshire can be a cruel, cruel time of year!  DD flies out for PA this afternoon to tidy up loose ends before graduation and visit all her friends.  She's doing her last semester internships here (saved on room and board and gives someone else to schelp her sister around!! Muahahaha!).

I mentioned that hubby and son and boiling sap this year to make syrup, got a phone pic of the beginning of the event.  More to come, I am sure!  There is a great learning curve on a new venture like that, but lots of fun, as well!

So, I discovered the FUN of creating Etsy Treasurys yesterday!!  Talk about an addictive activity!  You dive into Etsy with a theme in mind and see what turns up!  It's GREAT!  I did one I called "Monkeying Around" filled with all sorts of little monkey items with my two little grandson monkeys in mind!  One of my favorite items (gotta get some for the boys!) Is a treat called "Monkey Farts Body Butter" made by Sweetsoaptreat from CT.  How fun is that for little fellas??

The second was because I (like most New Englanders) am DYING for spring!!  I called that one "Think Spring...Please!"  I think the karma of that one might have worked yesterday as I saw some grass (okay, soggy slightly greenish mud) on the softball field at the high school, ALWAYS a sign!

I'm working on another filled with items all made right here in NH!!  Yah, baby!  We are a talented lot!

Through out the rest of the day I was jumping back and forth between stitching out several designs, pressing them and begining the sort of 100 pounds of fabric!  One of the projects is a tote for a fundrasier for a local racer (he also happened to wrestle for my husband...) the other a couple pieces for Autism Awareness for another friend (yup, you Tammy, hee heee!)

While doing the above, I have discovered my new best friend: spray starch!  Okay, I have to give some background.  I do NOT enjoy ironing REAL objects, ie: shirts and such.  To the degree that a few years back my iron was sitting on the kitchen counter, hidden, I think, for some time.  When I went to use it (NOT for the faint of heart here...stop reading now if things are icky to you...) and after I put the water in and turned it on...ANTS CAME RUNNING OUT FOR THEIR LIVES!!!!  Yes, it had sat lonely and unused and become an ant condo!!

So, I've gotten better (oh, and have a new iron) and one day at work, while preparing an exhibit, my boss (thanks, Michelle!) introduced me to spray starch.  WOW! No more struggling with those dang creases on the fold of fabric?!?!?!  This stuff is GREAT!  (It's the little things in life, really...)

So I finished up the day/night with a bit of time sorting through 100 pounds of fabrics, my latest purchase from my wholesaler.  So many new projects in the making with it!  Muahahaha!

'Twas a busy day.  Time now to finish up here and get ready for work.  Have a GREAT day, all!

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