Friday, March 18, 2011

Day #11 - Wrestling Team Slide Show, "Sapping" photos and "Oh, of course I have enough time to take a course on line..."

Good morning, everyone!

Yesterday's creative endeavors including being outside for a bit IN A SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRT!!! OMG!!! Did the sun ever feel good! I took some pictures of Bri & Ror's sap collecting and then headed back up to the house to work on the wrestling team video.

Here is the line, heading up from the brook to the tank/truck.

My very patient hubby, priming the pump to try and draw the sap up the line.

Talking to Ror, who is a the bottom of the hill - what did we do before cell phones? Eh?

I took lots of other shots of trees, blue sky, muddy know those first outdoor pix of the season?  We'll see what we do with those...muahahaha!

Then, I proceeded to spend about 5-6 hours working on the slide show for Wednesday night!  I've been doing this for his program, the softball team and my field hockey team for about 5 years.  I use Window Movie Maker,some good music and THOUSANDS of pictures!!  Still toying around with the music I want to use.  Right now I have "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts for the senior section and "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" by Kenny Chesney for the candid/friendship section.  I had to give up just before 11 PM though, 'cause things were starting to run together...  back at it this weekend and then once it's done, copy, copy, copy!

Lastly, while waiting for the computers to warm up, I was reading my email and one of the groups I belong to mentioned something about an online class for embroidery.  So I clicked through and found Embroidery Academy. You can take classes, online, at your own pace!  I am trying one of the free ones, first, to see if I like how it works.  It's called "Organizing your sewing space"!  I will let you know how it goes!

Well, it's time to get rolling for the day.  I had this GREAT idea for a fundraiser for where I work (Peterborough Historical Society) to go along with an event we are planning for this summer and I need to sew out some more fairy designs! Doesn't that make you wonder WHAT we are doing?  That's the idea!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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