Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Video: Making your own fabric "paper' towels

Good morning, friends!

Remember the Mining Monday post I did about a week ago about how to use fabric scraps?  I REALLY would like to do the kitchen towel project myself, so I went in search of a YouTube video to help me, being the visual learner I am.

Have you ever looked at The Crafty Gemini's things?  She's a crafty genius and is FANTASTIC!  I did a search and saw she had one so I went right to it and brought it here for you.

She has over 150 videos, so I am sure we'll find some more great ideas there.

For now, I'll get out the flannel and find some towels to use.  I know there are some ready for re-using in the pile, how about you?

I don't have the snap "riggy" she uses - that means I will have to do some thinking.  Bottomline, I wonder if you have to have them?  Couldn't you just either have a stack of them, ready to go, without snaps or possibly just roll them up and tuck in some sort of container?  Let' see what we can come up with, shall we?

Happy crafting,

Monday, April 29, 2013

Following the Path... Just one more day!

Good morning, friends!

It's a beautiful spring day out there and I am so excited about this week!  It's just one more day and my new blog launches!  I've been pulling together LOTS of new posts and post ideas for you all, dreaming up things to share, creating connections with all the different social media options, oh and COOKING! 

What's to Eat?  Dining In and Out hits the Internet on Wednesday morning, May 1st.  I will be sharing recipes and meal plans, reviewing cookbooks and restaurants and cooking up a storm with you!  I can't wait for you to see the blog itself - JMHO, but it's soooo me! 

I went in search of a quote this morning and put the one above together to share with you.  (I'll do a tutorial on it, no worries!)

I picked the one above by Jerry Gillies because it sums up how I am feeling right now: full of energy and imagination for what lies ahead! 

Are you ready?  Can't wait to share the journey with YOU!!

Quilty hugs,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mother's Day DIY Ideas

Good morning, all!

Mother's Day is right around the corner and rather than wait till the VERY last minute, I thought I'd try to do a bit of quick looking today.  I am trying hard to create much of what we do/give this year for celebratory times, so let's see what I could do for my mum!

How about a card?  Here's one you can download from Designs by Kassie - she has so many wonderful designs and does some fantastic blog work!  You can see things she has done on Pinterest, as well.

While we are thinking written/printed materials here, how about a piece of Mother's Day Subway Art?  Head on over to Living Locurto and download this lovely one created by Amy Locurto.  She has it in a couple sizes and black on white, white on black, too.

I admire all the creative folks who're sharing their printables with us these days.  I love this one I just found by Telisa at I Heart Naptime.  Follow that link and you can download the printable and pop it on a cake, in some flowers or on a present!  So cool!

Thinking of making some cupcakes?  How about these cute little cupcake toppers?  Just download, print them out and stick them into the tops! While you are there, you can peek around Diddles & Dumplings - what a fun site!

Speaking of cupcakes, how about the adorable flowers on these?  Heart and Made has another cupcake topper you can download PLUS they tell you how to make those sweet flowers!!  Seriously easy, by the looks!

Speaking of sweet treats, how about a whole jar full of cookies?  Not just any cookies but cookies telling mom all sorts of sweet words that describe her?  LOVE IT!  I Am Baker tells you how HERE.

 How about whipping up some body scrubs?  They are a great idea for pampering mom... or yourself!  There are plenty of ideas out there.  I found this one at Martha Stewart.  My daughter-in-law made me some with a coffee base for Christmas. 
Does mom do her nails?  (I should...sigh...) Here's a fun little gift idea that uses the sweet little stencils I have to check out!  A Night Owl Blog tells you all about how to do it HERE.

Here's a great idea, in my book, since I am TRYING to grow some veggies and herbs and I have some chalk paint handy: painted planters.

I would like to finish up with this infographic that I found at Walyou.com. To see it more clearly, click on the link in the first sentence.
Alrighty then, folks - we need to get to work!  Off to start creating after my LAST indoor field hockey practice for the season.  GO, GSE!!
Quilty hugs,

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Successful Fabric Expedition ---> I found BUGS!

As I mentioned the other day, I had a chance to head up north to the Lakes Region on a gorgeous spring afternoon.  Hubby is on spring break and I had a day off, so we jumped in the car (after his morning softball practice), filled the gas tank, hit the road and headed for Meredith, NH. 

The goal was two-fold.  As I've mentioned a few times, we are launching a new blog NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! OMG... soooo excited... and it's all about food: dining in and dining out okay, okay, back on track here...  Hubby is completely on board because we are trying out and doing reviews on all sorts of restaurants - he's one happy man!  Each time, when we are done, he's doing better at giving me info about what he ate and what he thought - wee bit too much fun!  Thanks to the ladies where he works (you know who you are) we headed to Meredith to try Hart's Turkey Farm.  Want to know what we had and what we thought?  You'll have to check in next week - cruel woman that I am!

I say "two-fold" as it just so happens, as luck would have it, OMG yesssss, about 5 miles away is the most fabulous quilt shop in all of New Hampshire and probably New England, possibly the world!  After a lunch that you will soon see described in the new blog (muhahahaha!!) we jumped back in the car (filled with turkey in a half dozen forms) and headed for Center Harbor.

After cruising around Lake Winnipesaukee, we came to Keepsake Quilting.
I left him happily playing Scrabble on the iPad and headed inside.  I had a couple of goals:
  1. To get pictures to share with all of you;
  2. Find something fun to make a quilt for the boys;
  3. To touch as much gorgeous fabric as possible.
I met them all.

Here's one corner of the Outlet Room.
More and more batiks!!
Very cool finished projects in, of course, PURPLE!
 It is a very large shop, FILLED with every quilt fabric a girl could want.  And more...much much more than a girl can EVER use!  There were quite a few people in there, so that limited my iPhone photography, since I didn't have a release form for them all!  :)

I drooled over decided on a set of bug fabrics to fulfill my "boys quilt" requirement, after going back and forth over the veggie prints (sorry, Amy... I many have enough to do one with what I have in stock...) and farm animals - till I saw the bugs... the bugs WON, as is often the case with bugs.
You can pop back to THIS LINK to see what we are going to create.  The pattern is for twin size quilts, since the boys are both in toddler beds and have their own blankets for now, a cuddly blanket lap quilt for each fits the bill and utilizes the fabrics I have!

As it unfolds, I'll post more updates.  For now, we'll let the creepy bugs crawl back into the bag for later.  Gotta love boys!

Back to work on the new blog...hehe!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Find it for Free Friday: BUGS, BUGS & More BUGS!

Good morning, friends!

Tomorrow I want to share the fabric I found for the boys quilts, but all I can tell you today is BUGS!

That being said, I got on this bug kick and thought I'd hunt up some buggy ideas for you!  Let's have some fun, shall we?

How about making some decorations for straws in the shape of butterflies?  Here's the pattern for these little lovelies.

 Here are some patterns for some adorable buggy bags.  You do have to join Freepatterns.com to download to patterns, but there is no cost.

Are you a stitcher?  Here's a wonderful pattern designed by Erynne of Stitcheree.

How about creating a collection of little buggers?  Take a look at these by Taidey Originals.  She gives you a pattern and great directions!

Want to work in felt?  This mobile would be a perfect project from over at Bugs & Fishes!

Have you ever stopped by the Toymaker.com?  They have all sorts of patterns you can download to make a variety of paper toys.  This bug box is right up the alley of this post.

Do you have some fleece scraps you could have a bit of fun with?  Take a look at the ribbon bugs they created here, over at the Patchwork Posse.

Feeling a bit artsy-craftsy?  Have a few lil ol' clothespins hanging around (Oh... bad joke there...)  Here's an idea I found over at First Palette you might want to try.

I am going to be working on a bug quilt NOT like this one, but maybe this would appeal to you?  I found this idea over at FaveQuilts.

I would like to finish up with a fantastic BUG party idea that I discovered over at The Party Wagon.  She has you covered in ALL directions, from food to games to treats!
Here's the tablescape - love the cupcake covers!
So, are you starting to itch and scratch?  Hahahah!  Tomorrow you'll see what I'm going to be working with... till then, Quilty hugs,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quilt-a-Long Update and trip to Keepsake Quilting

Good morning, friends!

A wee bit ago I posted about a quilt-a-long that I am participating in that's in the beginning stages.  I THINK I've selected my fabrics (see below) BUT I am making a trip up north that may change my decision OR provide me with materials for a second one!

Here's my current selection, as of 7:00 am this morning  with a bright yellow and a lovely deep green for accents:

Here is the quilt we will be creating:

Don't you think those florals will be stunning?  I am partial to the blues and purples myself...

The quilt-a-long is a wonderful project put together by Jill & Sarah from Becoming Martha and Create.craft.love. 60+ folks are giving the project a whirl, one week at a time.  Right now, we are all selecting our fabrics, hence the gorgeous goodies at the top of the post.

That all being said, I have the opportunity to hit THE COOLEST quilt shop in NH today: Keepsake Quilting.  If you live in New England and you quilt, chances are you've heard of this amazing shop in "Centah Hahhbah" (Center Harbor) New Hampshah (New Hampshire) - bit of New England humor there.  I may find a completely different set of fabrics to use OR may decide to do two!  Muahahaha!  Now we are talking!

Keepsake Quilting is this fabulous quilters haven in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  It's about mid-state and smack-dab in the middle of one of our most lovely areas, right near Lake Winnipesaukee.  It's a great place any time of year. 

As far as the quilt-a-long goes, I am very interested in seeing if they have some sort of bundle or collection that I could use to make the quilt an "I Spy" for the boys?  Hmmm.... a girl can look, right? 

I am thinking like this veggie set

Or maybe this farm one:
Or wait, this might be perfect, an I Spy Animals set:
I wonder if I could make 5" charm squares work?  This set would be fun:

Oh goodness... good chance one of these will be coming home with me!

What do you guys think?  The fabrics I have or one of these sets?  HELP!!! I would love your input!  

Quilty hugs,

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Where was I yesterday? KAF!!

Good morning, everyone!

Today is Wednesday and that means a quick glance into that which is my world.

Their namesake flour - you'll find it in your local stores.

Just inside the door of King Arthur Flour in Norwich, VT

Greatest guy in the world who had lunch with me from there...and we froze at softball!

I want to tempt you with the picture from KAF (King Arthur Flour) because NEXT WEEK we will be launching our new foodie blog!!  The trip to KAF with the wonderful shop and delicious foods will be posts you'll want to read!  I am sooooo excited as the day draws nearer... May 1st is the day we'll go live - there are recipes, book and restaurant reviews and MORE all in the works!!  Trust me, you'll want to check back and see.

Temptations will continue ... fun will ensue... hugs to you all,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ring Toss Game from Pockets!

Good morning, all!

Remember that pile of jeans I had and all those cool ideas?  I grabbed a pair and started snipping yesterday.  The result?  A fun, safe (won't break windows and such, with two boys) game for the next time the "mysters" are here: ring toss, with Grandpa's old jeans pockets!

I started by taking the pockets off of two pairs of jeans.  Both were "Dickies" (Grandpa's favorites) and I kept the tags on - I thought that was one way to identify who's bean bags were whose!

When you snip them out of the jeans, leave a bit of extra fabric. You'll trim them once you have what you need in the next step.  That gives you some room to work.

Cut out as many as you need OR as you have pockets!  I went with a pair for each of the boys. Trim them as close to the edge of the sewn pocket as you can.

I saw this whole idea last week on Chica and Jo's website, HERE.  Like any good project, you make it your own. They had painted red stars on theirs.  When I went into the craft room, the new can of Krylon Glowz (glow in the dark) paint caught my eye.  "Hmmm... we could play with them in the dark!!"  

I cut out a stencil and headed outside to spray.  It didn't look like it was taking too well, so I grabbed a sponge brush and dabbed the extra paint that was sitting on the stencil on to the stars.


It was still a bit light (well, duh, Carrie...it's DAYLIGHT!!) so I traced over the dried stars with Sharpie.  Now, daylight or nighttime, we'd be able to see the stars!

Time to fill with seeds/beans/rice/etc and sew shut.

Viola!  Some fun, soft, easy on my living room toys for the boys!  Not that they would EVER throw anything...or that ANYONE has ever broken ANYTHING in my living room... just to be safe...

Chica & Jo had painted plates to play with - I just made a ring to toss into because I had plenty of denim.  All you need to do is take a pool foamie, tape it together to form a circle with duct tape and cover with denim... or not... what do you feel like?

One great Memere game ready to go!  I AM the coolest!  Hahahaha!  BTW, the glow-in-the-dark paint does look great, I just couldn't get a good shot of it - my camera wouldn't take a picture without the flash. 

Thanks for stopping by today.
Quilty hugs,