Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crafter's Giveaway - Day #5: Headband & Hair Tie Material

Good evening, friends!
I was off to the University of VT very early this morning to watch DD play field hockey...and freeze...but putting that aside, it was lots of fun to watch and LOTS of fun to hit Ben & Jerry's and King Arthur Flour on the way home!  GREAT day!!

It was so much fun - after the factory tour and a sample of lemon raspberry ice cream, we each had a small and mine?  Candy Bar Pie!  OMG - if you are near a scoop shop, try it!  We've been there quite a few times over the years, but it was the first time my middle daughter's boyfriend from PA had ever been.  We may have converted him!

This was my first time at King Arthur Flour.  We only had 15 minutes till closing, so it was a quick trip around the store checking it out and then picking up flour (it's the best...), powdered milk (hard to find) and a pastry tip set (did I share my jelly doughnuts yet?  If so, you'd under stand.  If not, you will when I do!)  I also signed up for the "membership" which will give me points/$ to use for every $100 I spend.  Can't WAIT to go back and try the cafe and perhaps a class?  Hmmm....we shall see.

I am sure you are wondering what's next for the giveaway.  Been waiting with baited breath?  Well, it's both something I made and something YOU can use! 
My blog post about making headbands has been a HUGE hit, so I thought I'd toss something in related.  The middle is a fabric headband made with cotton fabric and elastic.  The far right it the equivalent of a hair tie, made from the elastic you see on the left.  There is 2 yards to play with - you can make a headband, hair ties, add to a project as elastic, you name it!

So here's where we are at:

Have you gone over and registered to win?  Come right HERE and jump in!!

Good luck and come by tomorrow to see what's next!
Quilty hugs,

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