Saturday, April 27, 2013

Successful Fabric Expedition ---> I found BUGS!

As I mentioned the other day, I had a chance to head up north to the Lakes Region on a gorgeous spring afternoon.  Hubby is on spring break and I had a day off, so we jumped in the car (after his morning softball practice), filled the gas tank, hit the road and headed for Meredith, NH. 

The goal was two-fold.  As I've mentioned a few times, we are launching a new blog NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! OMG... soooo excited... and it's all about food: dining in and dining out okay, okay, back on track here...  Hubby is completely on board because we are trying out and doing reviews on all sorts of restaurants - he's one happy man!  Each time, when we are done, he's doing better at giving me info about what he ate and what he thought - wee bit too much fun!  Thanks to the ladies where he works (you know who you are) we headed to Meredith to try Hart's Turkey Farm.  Want to know what we had and what we thought?  You'll have to check in next week - cruel woman that I am!

I say "two-fold" as it just so happens, as luck would have it, OMG yesssss, about 5 miles away is the most fabulous quilt shop in all of New Hampshire and probably New England, possibly the world!  After a lunch that you will soon see described in the new blog (muhahahaha!!) we jumped back in the car (filled with turkey in a half dozen forms) and headed for Center Harbor.

After cruising around Lake Winnipesaukee, we came to Keepsake Quilting.
I left him happily playing Scrabble on the iPad and headed inside.  I had a couple of goals:
  1. To get pictures to share with all of you;
  2. Find something fun to make a quilt for the boys;
  3. To touch as much gorgeous fabric as possible.
I met them all.

Here's one corner of the Outlet Room.
More and more batiks!!
Very cool finished projects in, of course, PURPLE!
 It is a very large shop, FILLED with every quilt fabric a girl could want.  And more...much much more than a girl can EVER use!  There were quite a few people in there, so that limited my iPhone photography, since I didn't have a release form for them all!  :)

I drooled over decided on a set of bug fabrics to fulfill my "boys quilt" requirement, after going back and forth over the veggie prints (sorry, Amy... I many have enough to do one with what I have in stock...) and farm animals - till I saw the bugs... the bugs WON, as is often the case with bugs.
You can pop back to THIS LINK to see what we are going to create.  The pattern is for twin size quilts, since the boys are both in toddler beds and have their own blankets for now, a cuddly blanket lap quilt for each fits the bill and utilizes the fabrics I have!

As it unfolds, I'll post more updates.  For now, we'll let the creepy bugs crawl back into the bag for later.  Gotta love boys!

Back to work on the new blog...hehe!


  1. I've been wondering about your buggy fabric! so glad you found such a plethora. That shop looks like heaven to me! And I can't wait for your new foodie blog. Are you and your husband working on it together? Sounds like an awesome project to me.

    1. I can't wait to see how it goes with that fun fabric, Amy. I DO have some fruits and veggies too... Muahahahaha!

      My hubby and DD are helping with the "research" end of things...meaning THEY EAT! They are getting used to my asking questions about flavor, texture, opinions on things and such. DD went to a bakery with me today and helped choose the treats to try AND took some pix with her phone for me! That's their end of the project!