Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to All + a card that made me laugh!!

Good morning, friends!

My youngest DD gave me a card this morning that made me laugh till I cried!  She knows I love history and thought this would be perfect ... hope it makes you laugh, too!  It's the 3rd page that got me!!

Enjoy your day, all!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: 5/8 April Showers & May Flowers

Okay, I know it's May, but it sounds good!

Today's Wordless Wednesday post is a chance to share some lovely flora with you!  Enjoy!  I will have to do the boutonniere again and add a tutorial - wasn't sure how it would come out, but was rather nice.  They were pleased and someone told DD I should be a more job!!  :o)

Flowers from DD's boyfriend's neighbor's house (where we took Prom Pix!)
A  boutonniere I made using violets and ferns - came out pretty good!
DD's corsage of roses - they were in black and white, so these were perfect.  Kudos to boyfriend's mom!
That was all a part of the last prom we're a part of.  Six proms for the three children... probably the easiest one yet!  Guess you get better at it with time! 

Hope your day is a wonderful one!
Happy creating,

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To market, part 2 - Find a Farmer's Market in NH

Good morning, friends!

Here are some pix from yesterday's farmer's market!

My tent, as you can tell!  Fabric on the left and crafted goodies on the right.

Charlie's Olde Tyme Creamery - incredibly good ice cream!
Dominque of Terrapin Glass - we'll be market buddies this spring!
Rebecca of Holland Homestead Farm - we decided taking tents down was WAY easier than putting them up!

Great time had by all!  The weather was amazing - sunny (such a nice change...), warm (in the 70's), with a nice breeze to keep it cool and not allow bugs to annoy us!  I made two new friends (we hold down the end of the walk in the market) one who has beautiful blown glass (soooo cool!) and the other, delish smelling soaps and goat products (a bar of the grapefruit may head my way next week!).  Charlie and his ice cream was a huge hit for the market - Rebecca and I had our eyes on trying a kaula fudge cup, but... someone got the last one before us, much to our utter disappointment!  We promised each other to get there a bit earlier next time - Charlie told us to just let him know what we wanted and he'd set it aside.  Ah...gotta love farmer's market!

I thought it might be nice to see where else and when you can find some markets around New Hampshire, (or "the 603" as my kids say...)

A great place to start is the NH Famer's Market Association website.  From there you can download a PDF of all the markets around the state, what markets are open in the winter and what's in season.  I found that you can click through to a website FOR each market that has a link listed, even though it isn't highlighted.

Not only is the "where" important, but the "when," as well.  Take a peek through the list and see when any within your local range are happening.  For example: Fresh Chicks is on Monday, from 11-4 pm and the Peterborough Farmer's Market is Wednesday, 3-6 pm.  Last season, there was a market in Antrim on Sunday's, but they are in search of a home this year, while the Hancock Farmer's Market is on Saturday's from 9-12 pm.  The key then becomes when do you want to shop?  What is on the way from where you are?  My goal this spring/summer is to jot down WHEN and WHERE there are markets (including locations I tend to go for other reasons, say... softball?) and know how I can get my hands on locally grown products.

Some other NH markets include:

Chances are there is a market near you!  All you have to do is look ... and then cook (or look and create, in the case of stopping by my tent!!)

Have a great day!

Monday, May 7, 2012

To Market, To Market... First day of the 2012 season!

Good morning, friends!

Today is the first day of Fresh Chicks Farmer's Market in Peterborough.  Yay!  The car is packed full of fabrics and crafts!  We are located in a grasses space at the Monadnock Community Hospital.  Market opens at 11 and goes till 4 pm.  You'll find produce,baked goods, homemade products,farm products, plants and seedlings, artisan crafts, art and resources for local businesses, farms and artisans. We have a barter board, job and services board and live music!

It's a wicked fun way to spend some time!

I am bringing the camera, so I'll have some pix from today later.  Personally, I can't wait to barter for bread (thanks, Laurie), see what plants there are and perhaps have a cookie!

Better go pack up some lunch and do some final touches.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

In search of fabric... around New Hampshire

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday's post about fabric finds on-line was a HUGE hit!! Lots of visitors were taking a peek and heading out window shopping. Hope you had oodles of fun!

As spring would appear to finally be here, perhaps getting out and about would be a fun idea! Let's start today with places to shop, view and caress fabrics for real.

1. A quilt fabric lover can't come to NH without a trip to the lakes region and Keepsake Quilting. It's like dying and going to heaven.  The shop is filled with more beautiful fabric than one can imagine.  You can have one of their catalogs shipped right to your house for quarterly shots of loveliness.  Not only that, but they have quilting challenges you can join and gallery shots of past contestants.

Did I mention this is in the Lakes Region of NH?  Perhaps you've heard of the film On Golden Pond?  Bit famous of a movie... shot in the area....There is a lovely inn by that name you might want to check out.  Oh, and a trip up there isn't done till you make a stop at Hart's Turkey Farm, where "everyday is Thanksgiving" - how can that not be great!

2.  Here in southwestern New Hampshire the place to visit is New England Fabrics.  Called "the Mill End" when I was growing up, back 40+ years ago, before JoAnn's Fabrics, it was the place my mom would buy fabric.  They have a gorgeous quilt fabric section with all the latest and most beautiful fabrics available, but it is their silks and satins for formal wear and their upholstery fabrics that makes them famous.

New England Fabrics is in Keene, which means the coolest Main Street in the state for finding excellent places to eat. Stop here for a list of ideas!

3. How about stopping at the ONLY Henniker in NH and visiting Quilted Threads?  My first trip here was during a shop hop - it was housed in a tiny little building near the grain store.  There was fabric jammed into every available space.  A few years ago they moved to a new space that is HUGE, airy, bright and beautiful!  The selection and space is lovely.

Do you ski?  Pat's Peak is just down the road.   Looking for a great place to eat?  Our favorite in town in Country Spirits. We've never had a bad meal and the atmosphere is wonderful.

4.  No list of my favorite fabric shops would be complete without mentioning Bunkhouse Quilt Shop in Lyndeborough.  It is very much OFF the beaten path, but set your GPS for 352 Center Road, Lyndeborough, NH 03082 and you'll get there.  She carries so much beautiful fabric and I love the ladies that work there - fun, pleasant... worth the trip! 

Not too far down Route 101, you can turn left towards Mason and have a fantastic meal at Pickty Place.  One of the buildings on site was the model for the Little Golden Book version of Little Red Riding Hood.  The real reason to head there is for the monthly menu.  Each month has a different 5 course meal.  Yup... 5 course.  ALL GOOD!

No trip to NH would be complete without a stop for maple syrup somewhere!  Further along Route 101 towards Peterborough, you can visit Ben's Sugar Shack in Temple.  It's open year round, not just sugar time!

Now that I've completed today's post, which seems to resemble at travel-blog, it's off to get ready for Fresh Chicks Market which opens tomorrow!!

Hope to see some of you there!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Saturday, May 5, 2012

In search of fabric... online

I was thinking about where I find fabric and realized that perhaps some of the sources I use might be new to you, so I thought I'd take a few moments to share some thoughts/places/locations.  Today's post is about places on-line to access fabric pretties!

1. Have you ever bought what you thought was enough, set the project aside only to find you didn't quite have quite what you need and it's not in the store anymore?  If it's RJR, the greatest place to look is the "Fabric Finder" on their website.  It is a forum where fabric seekers and those with fabric find one another!

All you do is zip in, make a request and it will be up for 30 days.  The more information you have, the better.  What is the line?  How about the collection or designer?  Exactly how much do you need?  Does it having to be running yardage?  Pop the info in and shop owners/fabric sellers across the country will see if they have it in stock.

2. Having been an eBay seller for many years, I found the site a GREAT place to find fabric!!  Are your needs specific?  Type in the line, style, color number, whatever you have and see what's out there!  Are you looking to start a project?  You can find sets of squares of all sizes and colors as well as fat quarters and yardage.  It's colorful and fun!  Don't even get me started on the patterns available!   Click on the logo below to head on over.


3.  Have you wandered over to  Not only is it a fantastic place to shop for wonderful hand crafted goodies and endless ideas for things to try yourself, you can find fabric and supplies!  The bulk of the site is artisan, but if you are looking for Amy Butler (the one line that's shown in catagories), you will find over 4,000 listings!

4. How about  They offer free shipping on orders over $35 (how hard is that to spend, unfortunately??) and through May 30th I see they have a coupon for 30% off clearance fabric!  Yippee!!  I do love a sale!

5.  How about this site, The Fabric Empire?  I have never purchased from them, but the name and the home page alone make me want to cruise through their online shop!  Anybody with this much Minky has got to be good!!

Do you have other place YOU like to look?  Do share!  We'd love to take a peek!  Just leave the URL in a comment below.

Have a wonderful weekend... maybe do some window shopping!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fresh Chicks Market starts Monday!!

Good morning, friends and fellow crafters!

I've been away from the computer a bit, but I'll do my best to get back to sharing this weekend.  Between now and Monday morning at 9:30 AM I'll be getting my fabrics and crafted goodies ready for market!

Hope to see those of you who are local there!!
Enjoy the soggy day, Carrie

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wordless Wesdnesday 5/2/12

This spring marks the last time one of my offspring is playing softball.  In their honor I name this one: "Safe at first." 

Have a wonderful day, friends - see you tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Title IX

Sorry that I am a bit late this morning, but I've been preparing to speak with my friend Laurie's scout troop this afternoon. 

We are coming up on the 40th anniversary of Title IX in June. I was 12 years old when Title IX was enacted (put the two facts together and you have my age!)  I had just finished 6th grade.  I have one very clear memory of that year that I am going to share with the girls as part of our chat today.

It was recess time and girls in my elementary school in 1972 jumped rope, walked around the playground, sat and talked with friends and did Cat's Cradle.  I wanted more.  I wanted to play kickball with the boys because they had a marvelous (it seemed at the time) field to play on and I loved to run and play.  We were not allowed to play with them or play kickball.

In my mind, that seemed wrong.  "Why couldn't we play too?"  So... I walked my 5'5" self (how silly of them not to have the tallest girl in 6th grade on their team??) out onto the field and demanded to join in.  They were shocked!  The told me to "leave and go jump rope" and one went and got a teacher.  She made me leave the field and told me to find something else to do.  I never forgot that moment in time. Luckily, middle school was around the corner and we moved to New Hampshire. 

Once we got here, I wanted to get involved in things.  I tried out for cheerleading.  I was NOT a cheerleader, not as far as grace was concerned (and still am not... sorry to say...) but I did discover the one sport they did offer that winter: basketball.  I fell in love.  I fell head-ver-heels with the sport (and the Boston Celtics!) and with being an athlete right then and there.

One might say "the rest is history."  I went on to play field hockey, basketball and softball in high school, field hockey in college and then coaching all three as an adult.  Title IX and sports changed my life.

My daughter's don't know a world where the freedom to play wasn't there.  Both have been actively engaged in field hockey and softball since they were old enough to hold a bat and a ball.   They take these statistics for granted:

High School Athletes
Source: Women's Sports Foundation. Play Fair: A Title IX Playbook for Victory

NCAA Varsity Athletes

These facts from the AAUW are a part of their lives:
Health Benefits of increased physical activity and participation opportunities:
  • Physical activity can reduce a woman’s weight and risk of developing cancer and other diseases. (National Women’s Law Center. Keeping Score: Girls’ Participation in High School Athletics in Massachusetts. 2004.)
  • Girls who participate in some kind of sport experience higher than average levels of self-esteem and lower levels of depression. (Colton, M. & Gore, S. (1991). “Risk, Resiliency, and Resistance: Current Research on Adolescent Girls.” Ms. Foundation for Women.)
  • Sports participation is associated with reduced rates of body dissatisfaction and eating disorders. (Tiggemann, M. (2001). “The impact of adolescent girls’ life concerns and leisure activities on body dissatisfaction, disordered eating, and self-esteem.” The Journal of Genetic Psychology.)
Behavioral benefits of increased physical activity and participation opportunities:
  • Athletic participation can teach valuable life skills that will be useful later in life. Women will learn to collaborate with others, dedication, and perseverance. (National Women’s Law Center. Keeping Score: Girls’ Participation in High School Athletics in Massachusetts. 2004.)
  • Female athletes have better grades and higher graduation rates than non-athlete females. In high school, athletic participation can lead to college scholarships. (National Women’s Law Center. Keeping Score: Girls’ Participation in High School Athletics in Massachusetts. 2004.)
  • 71% of the female students who entered NCAA Division I programs on athletic scholarship in 1998 graduated within six years of enrollment, as compared to 63% for female students overall. (2005 Graduation-Rates Report for NCAA Division I Schools. NCAA, 2005.)
  • Young women who participated in sports were more likely to be engaged in volunteering, be registered to vote, feel comfortable making a public statement, follow the news, and boycott than young women who had not participated in sports. (Lopez, M.H. & Moore, K. (2006). Participation in Sports and Civic Engagement. The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement.)
  • Teenage female athletes are less likely to illicit drugs, less likely to be suicidal, less likely to smoke and more likely to have positive body images than female non-athletes. (Miller, K, Sabo, D.F., Melnick, M.J., Farrell, M.P. Barnes, G.M. (2000). The Women’s Sports Foundation Report: Health Risks and the Teen Athlete. Women’s Sports Foundation.)
  • Team sports participation is associated with a lower prevalence of sexual risk-taking behaviors for young women. (Kulig, K., Brener, N. & McManus, T. (2003). “Sexual activity and substance use among adolescents by category of physical activity plus team sport participation.” Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.)
  • Female athletes are less than half as likely to get pregnant as female non-athletes (5% and 11%, respectively), more likely to report that they had never had sexual intercourse than female non-athletes (54% and 41%, respectively), and more likely to experience their first sexual intercourse later in adolescence than female non-athletes. (1998). The Women’s Sports Foundation Report: Sport and Teen Pregnancy. Women’s Sports Foundation.) 
I would like to end this post with, what is to me, one of the most powerful commercials FOR giving girls the opportunity to play sports.  Whatever your feelings about Nike, you have to admit this is an incredible argument FOR girls to play!

Thanks for stopping by today!
See you tomorrow,
In honor of my girls!