Monday, March 21, 2011

Day #14 - A trip to Michael's ... now THAT was fun!

Good morning, all!

They say some of that "white stuff" is in the forecast for today - I AM NOT impressed!  Didn't anyone mention to Mother Nature that WE ARE DONE with all that?  Jeesh...

So yesterday morning, before things got rolling I did a bit stitching and creating. 

I had an idea for a book and quilt for the boys.  Let me start by saying we live out in the woods.  The boys, my son, my husband, both our fathers and their fathers grew up here, hunting and fishing.  So animal tracks are something we see everyday in the driveway and so I thought this set of animal tracks and names would be a good base for a cloth book and quilt (perhaps when they are older?).

My plan, which we know can always change... is to create a set and then find pictures to match and print those out on fabric, for the opposite pages.  I will post the progress on that as I go. I found the set at DollarStitch, one of my new places to find embroidery designs.  Connie was very helpful getting me set up with my membership after I struggled with the "how to" of it all!

Because I know NO other way of doing things, I was crafting thread catchers at the same time!  I've been thinking that I really wanted to make some of these because I have a nasty habit of just tossing dead threads on the floor because I can't locate the trash in time!  I played around with the first fabric, a border, so the size was dependent totally on the print!  Hey, you have to start somewhere... The second one for out by my embroidery machine, was try #2 to which I will add a bit of "grippy stuff" to keep it on the counter.  The top/pin cushion, is filled with rice.  I will play around with them a bit more and see what works the best!

Lastly, we headed over to Manchester to pick up Kelly at the airport.  We hit Famous Dave's, my first time, and man-o-man, was that DELICIOUS!!  The whole testing the sauces was fun and my bbq'd chicken salad was awesome!  I had one of Shauna's fries and they were probably the best fries I've ever eaten, seriously!  Gotta take Whitt back to that place!

We had an hour and a half to kill from the time dinner ended till her flight landed, so what do 3 creative ladies do? We head to Michael's, of course! I decided to follow my own idea/link the other day with helping kids be more creative by getting goodies to expand the options for artistic play at Memere's house. We traveled the the store, aisle by aisle, looking for goodies for the boys. Okay, so the youngest can't sit up yet ... I ended up with a cart filled with things for them... AND for Shauna! (Let's just say that the Whittemore women ALL have at least one henna tatoo! Yup, me included! Lol!!)

The goodies for lil man ... some will be for Easter, some, just to play with here!  Or, maybe ALL just to play with!  Muahahaha!  The beauty of being a memere!  Did I mention he's a Buzz fan?

Well, ready to start the day, folks ~ hope everyone has a marvelous one!
See you tomorrow,

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