Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day #13 - Not everything comes out right/good, but somethings do!

Good morning and happy first day of SPRING!  It is sunny and a balmy 22 degrees here in NH!  Brrrrrrrr!

Yesterday was a bit about how things don't always go the way you think they ought and not everything comes out the first time, REALLY?????  ARGH!!! 

I've been experimenting with embroidery designs from a few different sources and ran across the first ones that didn't really work too well for several reasons I can put a finger on.  One was part of a set I bought that were outlines with bits of flowers tucked in.  I was pretty psyc'd about making them, till I started and broke the thread ... oh I don't know, 100 TIMES!!  I realized that when it was digitized it was just too many stitches in an area. skip that part and go to the outline...hmmmm.... what I thought was a running stitch was a chain-like stitch and when THAT went over the too thick other part....zowie!  Not good! 

Okay, well maybe it was my machine? So, let's try another!  Got this cute set of little boy ones to make a quilt for the little fellas.  Stitched up nicely, TILL it got to the outlining (what was with that with me yesterday?) and then I found that the outlines and the fill didn't match up! 

So, at that point, I went back to a design from Embroidery Library and found that it wasn't my machine, thank goodness!  I've emailed the company I purchased them from and hope they can help me out ~ I really want to do those designs!

Oh a good note, I finished the "sit-upon"/cushion I was making for a friend's fundraiser.  I've got some more of the interior plastic cushions (thanks to CV Football!!) so I'll be perfecting that pattern .

I mentioned the "class" I was taking about working on my sewing space.  One of the things they discussed was having a place for things, so you know where to reach for, say...scissors?  Anyone else swear theirs have legs?  I have about 6 pairs and never seemed to be able to put my hands on, I already love this little baby and it was such a simple thing to do.  Now, if only sorting and stashing the fabrics was as easy ....

A section of the class was on fabric stash, and the control, there of.  Bonnie, the course instructor, did have a great idea for cards to wrap your fabric on.  There was a great source for them here, if you want to check it out.  It was $9 + shipping for 100.  Who knows, maybe I might give it a try!   Bri will see them come and see they come from a comic book place and jump off the deep end thinking I'm taking up collecting something else!!!  Nope, that's my brother's world.  The only comics I have are ones he's done!

Today is about finishing up the weekend's housework (blah...blah...blah...), seeing IF I can finish the wrestling slideshow and get the DVD's started, grocery shopping ("there's NO FOOD in the house, Mom!), and picking up DD from the airport!  Sounds like a day in Whitt-World to me!

Have a great one, all!

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