Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day #6 and "OMG, What is that bright yellow orb in the sky??"

Good morning, Cyberland!
It would appear that sunshine is in our future for the day, or at least the morning!  Perhaps spring is coming?  Hubby and son are heading out for the first sap boiling of the year (actually ever, as a pair!) in just a wee bit ~ pretty exciting!

Yesterday was a busy day for my 365 Days of Creating ~ YEA!!!  I started out by finishing the knitting needle organizer to coordinate with the bag I made and listed them both this morning!  Check out "Kelly Ann"!  Here is one picture of it:

I completely enjoyed working with the different fabrics and finding coordinates! Woot woot!

After that, had some fun with luggage tags!  Kelly (yes, the above named DD) is heading out on a flight back to college to tie up loose ends before graduation in May - measured for cap and gown and all that and I thought she could use one!  I found a wonderful pattern/tutorial for creating them and I'll be making LOTS of these!  They are super fun to do!  Talk about new material to work with: Peltex!!  It makes the foundation and frame for the tag!  Check out Cherie's pattern here!

Because you can do machine embroidery WHILE doing other things, I was able to work up the first of 3 designs for hubby's wrestling team, but pix on those will have to wait till the banquet ~ can't let that out of the bag yet! 

Finally, as youngest DD has to finish up her driving hours before going for her license, we headed out to the BIG CITY and I went to Nashua Sew and Vac to ask about embroidery software.  I'd like to create my own designs and the wonderful women there demonstrated the software I totally want!!!  Yup...I REALLY WANT/NEED/COVET 5D Design Creator!!!  Did I mention I'll need to get another job to pay for the software and all the lessons I'll need from Nashua Sew and Vac to use it?  Oh well, a girls gotta have dreams!  I think I'll post a picture of it over my computer to help save my pennies!

Enjoy the day all!  Let's see what today brings!

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