Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day #24 - "Mom, how much do you love me?"

Good morning, everyone!
When your 16-year-old says that, you KNOW something is up!  My daughter came home with a equipment/bat bag that she and each of her teammates received at pratctice last night.  13 identical black bags.  SHE had this wonderful idea (actually, it was pretty good...) that since I make bag tags, that I make 13 different ones so that each girl can find her bag easily!

Well,what's a mom to say, when her daughter is proud of what she does, eh?  So... will be posting some pix of that in the next few days, assuming we don't lose power tomorrow night!!!  If I disappear off the face of the earth its probably due to the nor'easter heading up the coast to New England tonight!

Yesterday was a bit about finishing up somethings, tidying up the creative world! Here's the results:

A bookmark that's been sitting there... just waiting...

Handles on the tote that started the orange revolution here!  Not sure how I feel about them.  Good chance you'll see an update with a change!
And then there is the NEXT tray cover/placemat/mug rug that I worked on as I tighten up and make corrections on the directions/pattern for it!  This was constructed with hubby in mind!  Little fun with machine embroidery first, then work with blues and browns!

6 cyber friends have commented, trying to win the beautiful Thimbleberries pattern and fat eighths!  That remains open till Sunday, so head over and comment!

I have mailed out 4 of the Fruity Fun fabrics...hee hee! Can't wait to see the progress! At this moment there is still ONE FABRIC LEFT!! Claim it and YOU are in!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  Stay safe and warm as the bad weather heads your way, if you are on the East Coast with us!  As for me, it's off to do the blah stuff (laundry, some dishes, you know...) before a few minutes of fun creating!  I need to embroider some softballs!!


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