Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day #10 - Little Bit o' This and That!

Ah, the final day of early morning practice for the softball playing folks here in the Whittemore household! YEAH!!! Everyone involved is thrilled for that, let me just say!

Didn't get tons of time for creating yesterday. After day of work, took my oldest DD to the airport for a few days back out at college, to tie up loose ends and visit friends (Hi, Ryan!!) While out in the BIG CITY, I did make a trip to JoAnn's Fabrics and picked up some heavy weight fusable interfacing, so I can get to work on more knitting bags! YEAH!!! I was on hold till I had that. Gotta love the 50% off coupons!

I am also working on a new idea (BIG surprise there, if you know me....haha!) It involves photography and my new love, machine embroidery. I will keep you posted as it develops ... more to come on that one ... lots of experimenting (which means family gifts, as I try!!!)

I did a new Etsy Treasury ~ wicked fun one ... (hint hint: about NH!) I called it "Made in New Hampshire." I did an Etsy search for shops local to me and unbelieveable what I found! You should go take a peek! Funny: unbeknownst to me, till I posted them all together, got a real BLUE thing going!! The dinnerware below is made by clearmountaincraft, out of Claremont, NH! 

Well, have to get ready for the day.  Let's see what it has to hold, eh? I believe there is some sap boiling this evening, which I hear may go into the late night/early morning!!  YUM!

Have a great one, All!

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