Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day #25 - Just incase we lose power...

I am thinking we may be without power tomorrow morning as the snow has started and the wind is coming right along with it.  That being said, I thought I might report on today NOW, while I can!

First off, I want to say that all the fabrics for the Fruity Fun are on their way to some wonderfully creative people who are off to check their stash and get rolling!  YEAH!!! Can't wait to see how they come out!!  As soon as everyone is done, I'll do a drawing and one of those creative people will win ALL the blocks!  Seeing what they do with them just get's the creative juices flowing...

As to what I was up to today... before heading off to work I stitched out a design for my everyday apron that I'd been thinking of doing...thread got wonky on one of the swirls and there was no brown!  Not quite sure what happened there.  Nothing a bit of marker won't fix!  :o)

From my fav place, the Embroidery Library!!

After work I whipped out the small pieces of fabric I need to put together the "How much do you love me, mom?" bag tags for my daughter's softball team, heated up the irons and got to it!  Okay... I just have to ask: "HOW MANY TIMES WILL I HAVE TO BURN MYSELF ON THAT SILLY CLOVER IRON BEFORE I REMEMBER NOT TO TOUCH ANY PART OF IT?????" Obviously more times/opportunities to learn than I have given myself!  OUCH!  (You can guess what that means...a pair of nasty marks on my thumb and forefinger where I grabbed ... yes, grabbed.. the stand it sits on, WHICH is red hot, at that point!)

Anyway, I needed a bit more time than she had, so the family toddled off to practice and I kept at it till I finished them and then zipped them over to the gym (a ride I've made so many times since 1975 that I can do it with my eyes closed, but it's best I leave them open, especially when the snow is coming down...) so that they could have them tonight BEFORE heading off to CT this weekend!  Yup, 'cause I DO love her that much!  Hopefully they will like them!  These are the ones I am learning to make from a pattern I purchased on Etsy.  I LOVE the Pellon that you use for the "body" - it's VERY thick and double sided fusible so it's great to work with.  The pattern called for using grommets and then ribbon, but, I'm having "grommet issues" of late ... okay...I stink at them, but I WILL learn how to make them work properly and not get all squinchy!  Until then, I will make straps (coordinating, of course).

So it's time to do a few more things around the house...sigh... and then we'll see what tomorrow brings.  I hope all is well weather-wise where you are and you stay safe and sound!
Guess March is "out like a lion" this year and April Fool's Day is NO JOKE!

Night, All!


  1. Hoping the snow doesn't delay my fabric!! excited to get sewing!

  2. I mailed it from the Peterborough PO this morning, so hopefully it's already IN Dublin! :o)

  3. Love your bag tags, Carrie. I'm sure the girls will enjoy them.