Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day #20 1/2 - How-To Fleece Blanket & a couple of notes

Good morning!

Thought I'd pop in a quick "how to" this morning and this one is a GREAT quick project, and oh so warm and snuggly as it's a balmy 18 degrees here in NH this beautiful March morning!

You have probably noticed those rolls of pairs of fleece at JoAnn's Fabrics (and other places as well...) to make a double sided fleece blanket. They are SUPER SIMPLE and lots of fun!

No Sew Fleece Blanket

You need:
• Two 1 1/2 yards pieces of coordinating fleece fabric (total of 3 yards ~ I like one solid and one print)
• Scissors or rotary cutter
• Ruler

Lay the two pieces of fleece one on top of the other RIGHT SIDES FACING OUT lining up the edges so they are even and trim off any selvages. (Selvages are the parts of the fabric along the edge, often white and marked.)

I like to lay them on the floor and then cut away a 4”x4” square of each corner.

You are ready to fringe! You can do this on a table (if you use a rotary cutter) or on the floor (if you use scissors). Cut in towards the center along the edges of the two fleece pieces 4 inches deep, every inch, creating what looks like fringed teeth! Continue this all around the blanket. The 4” squares you cut out frees up the corners as you come around.

All fringed? You are ready to start tying! Personally, I do this part while watching TV, chatting with my girls or listening to music! Begin on one side and tie one fringe from each fleece to the fringe piece below it. Some people like to knot every other one, flip it over and then tie those knots to keep things more even.

You can whip these up in an evening! The girls each made one on a Christmas Eve! So head over to JoAnn's or your favorite fabric store and let's start this one!

Couple of quick notes:
Have a wonderful day!


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