Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day #22 - Bit of sorting and ohhhhh a GREAT idea!!

Good morning, everyone!

Well, I guess some days my "creativity" is bound to include...WORK! :o) Such was yesterday! My fabric room is currently, shall we say, in flux? I yearn for organization, but, overall, it eludes me. I spent a good part of the day sorting and ATTEMPTING to organize the space. I went through loads and loads, deciding what should go with what and in which tub. I think, I would like some shelving so that the fabric doesn't have to be in such big tubs, which (beggers can't be choosers) keep things together, but make finding specific fabric, how shall I say... IMPOSSIBLE!

The good news is, I came up with a fun little idea to share with you all. While I was sorting I found a set of gorgeous fruits and veggies fabric from the RJR Farmer's Market line. Just delectable peaches (which I "picked" for mine ...), grapes, blueberries, bananas, melons and apples. Yum yum!

Would you like to see my idea?  Curious?  Here's what I've done with my idea:

Check my next blog post for a super fun bit 'sharin' we can do!!

Have a GREAT day, all!

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