Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cleaning My Machine: Not Dust Bunnies... Dust Buffaloes!!

Today's post is rather like inviting people in to see your bathroom: most of us would rather not... particularly if you don't know them well.  I have people ask me often, "How do you do it all?"  This post answers that question: I don't.  I don't even pretend to.  Don't get me started about dishes and laundry...

Remember the video I shared about cleaning your machine this weekend?  Well... I thought I'd better go do mine.  She talks about clearing away "dust bunnies" ... I started there, but when I got into it?  HOLY COW!  Mine were "dust buffaloes"!!!!

I learned soooo much about my machine this weekend - it was fantastic!  Not the bunnies and the lint, that was scary, but I took it apart in ways I'd never done before.  I'm feeling rather good about that.

Here's a photo essay about the task.

Just a wee bit of dust here...
My grandsons would have thought this was cool.  So far, so good.
Had some trouble getting that screw undone.  Couldn't find the little screwdriver made for that.
O.M.G - NO wonder my feed dogs didn't work well!
Caked in dust. ARGH!

This will NEVER happen again - sooo easy to pop out bobbin case to check on this.  YIKES!
Bobbin case lint.  EWWWW!

All of that came out from the inside.
So... the lesson here folks?  CLEAN YOUR MACHINE!!  I'm lucky the darn this even sewed!  Okay... raise your right hand... 
Repeat after me...
"I solemly swear....
"To clean my machine...
Seriously - go clean your machine!

Hope everyone has an incredibly creative day!

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