Thursday, May 1, 2014

Shopping Round Up

I've been checking out videos on various projects and thought it was time to play around a bit.  I've focused on NOT adding to my crafting stash, but some of the new ideas REQUIRED me to pick up some new goodies!

Hence, the trip to Joann's...Michael's...and New England Quilt Supply.

Let's start with Joann's.

  1. I've been eying a 6"x24" to help in cutting fabrics - all the "big girls" have one in their videos.  I want one... waaaa... so... I bought one with 50% off coupon.  YUP!
  2. Market is coming and I want to make some banners to sell.  I've been working with my Silhouette (more on that upcoming) and needed some new paper to design with.  Nailed it... three packets: one half price and the bottom two for $9 together!  Psyc!
  3. To cut the banners, I needed some scissors - they were $2 each!  Woot woot!
  4. Several projects I'm considering need floss... used a 50% coupon on that one (this was two trips to Joann's combined).
  5. I am making some cute little treat bags with scraps.  I saw how someone did stamp and ink on wooden "tree cookies" attached to the bags - super cute and well, a girl needs some stamps?  Right?  On sale: 50% off! 
  6. Lastly, when you are making your way to the checkout there is ALWAYS some goodies on sale!  ARGH!!  The pink pens are for writing on glass - thought some Cancer Awareness options would exist there.  

Let's move on to Michael's...

  1. Remember that video the other day with the twin sisters and the recycled storage?  I fell in love with what they did on the old containers AND on the can lids....soooo... I HAD to get some chalkboard paint and a chalk pen, right?  I was going to get a set of colors, but I really wanted a fine point (the sets were all wedge shaped) AND really just white and found this one over in the stamp/ink section of the store.
  2. The work I'm doing with the Silhouette is tricky with the non-vinyl.  I thought some spray adhesive was in order AND this one is supposed to be low odor, so doubly good.  PLUS I used the 40% coupon and all three together were $10.93.  I'd priced the items on Amazon and was going to be paying a bit more AND I'd have to wait, so this was GREAT!
Lastly, I made a stop at New England Quilt Supply.  It's a wholesale spot, so not for everyone, but I LOVE GOING THERE!!  You're going to be seeing all this up on my eBay and Esty shops right away.
  1.  Picked up some patterns to add fabric to - you'll be seeing them at Market, if you are local, and my eBay and Etsy shops, if not.  :)  
  2. I grabbed some Warm Tater for making potato bags.  
  3. The teal is "Bundles of Hope" fabrics to honor women with ovarian cancer - it's soooo hard to find!
  4. I also snagged two "pink" fabrics the pink on the right is Gail Cotton and the center one is a black and white with pink ribbons they spotted and set aside for me - such nice folks there.
  5. The Mary Englebreit was selling like crazy, so I got another full bolt.  Yay!
  6. Lastly, along with the BIG ruler, I've been eying a small square - it's a 4" one.  Let me know if you all need any of that sort of thing.  I can purchase them and sell them in the shops, too.
Okay, this girl has some work to do - enough lally-gagging!
Have a wonderful day,

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