Monday, May 5, 2014

Mining Monday: Napkin & Placemat Round-Up

Good morning!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

I decided I'd do a bit of searching for placemat and napkin ideas today.  I have a couple yards of really beautiful fabric that I didn't want to sell, but that I didn't quite know what to do with. 
You see, I love purple.  Adore it.  When I sold a yard of this on eBay the other day, it almost hurt to let it go!  That's one of the signs I need to pull something and work with it myself.

The question was: "What to do with it?"

It's is filled with brilliant colors.  Too strong to make something to wear.  Could do a quilt, but not the colors hubby likes for things, as much as I do.  Could do a tote or purse.  That still might occur, but I really don't need another at this moment.

Then it hit me: placemats & napkins.  I could look at them whenever I wanted and I could accent the placemats with some batiks I have in stock.

Next question: "What design?"

The answer?  A Mining Monday!

So here you go:

This first idea from Handmade by Alissa is very tempting.  I think the purple could be the "base color" and I could accent it with stripes in teal, yellow, orange or light purple.  It would be easy to pull out some great color from the purple.
Image by Handmade by Alissa

This next placemat from Spoonflower, appeals to me, as well.  I can see the purple being the background for LOTS of color OR the hexagons, for more of a "pop" or accent.  I like how both this one and the one by Alissa use machine quilting as part of the design.  I also like the wonderful tutorial she did and the info on using the hexies.
Image by Spoonoflower
This is a great tutorial for reversible placemats.  I will save this to look at later, but I think that the fabric I am working with is just a wee bit to strong to use this way.  I really like how it turned out with the lighter fabrics - very crisp.
Image from Centsational Girl

Here's a cute one - not what I am looking for exactly, but, I like the idea and wanted to remember it, so... I added it here! I thought this would be great for a picnic: love putting the silverware right with it!
Image from To Sew, With Love
As lovely as all these are, here's the one I am going to try first.  It comes from Ellison Lane and is PERFECT for the fabric I have in mind!
Image by Ellison Lane

 Now, how about some napkins?

Here's a pattern for double sided ones.  Love the fabric she chose.
Image from Punkin Patterns
I like the trim around these from the Purl Bee.  I was thinking of getting a bias tape maker, so this would be a great project to try with it.
Image from the PurlBee
Sigh... here is one more reason I need covet want greatly desire a serger.
Image courtesy of Pandiola Lane
Most likely, this is what I'll try: mitered cornered napkins.

Do you use cloth napkins?  Have you made your own placemats?  What style did you do?

Have a wonderful day,

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