Friday, May 9, 2014

Mother's Day eCards

If you stopped by yesterday, you might have noticed Blue Mountain Cards asked me to do a blog post about motherhood.  They also offered me a chance to review some cards for Mother's Day and share it with my readers.

I love cards and such, so I agreed.  They generously gave me membership to be able to do so.  Sweet!

I went right in yesterday, with my daughter heading out for the first time, on her sojourn to her sister's house.  I zipped in and found one that the sentiment was "you can do it" and sent it to her to read before she left!  Muahahaha....

Then, I peaked around for one for Mother's Day and found this really cute one for my mom.  The process was easy to use, the options were varied and I'll definitely be back to do some more!

In this day and age of everything computerized, its fun to find something like these that you could grab so quickly and send!  For my DD, I literally found it while she was packing, sent it to her and she got it on her phone before she left!  Awwww....

Have you tried e-cards?  What's your opinion?

Enjoy the day,
PS. BTW, she got to PA (7 hours away) safe and sound!

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