Friday, May 2, 2014

Framed Fabric Wallhanging

Here's a fun project for you!  All you need is some fabric, a canvas and a few tools.  :)

I started with a piece, about a fat quarter, of the lovely Kona Bay Oriental fabric you see here - it called out to me to mount and hang, so, I listened!

I "auditioned" where to cut it by playing around with the blank canvases.  I found these at Michael's awhile ago.

I played around with which direction to go and then a bit of left, right, up and down till I liked what showed on each canvas.

Next, to check what I thought I liked, I pinned where I'd be cutting it to see how that looked. 

I cut it out and got ready to frame it.

First, I sprayed it with some starch and ironed it to smooth it out.  You can see it was a bit wrinkly prior to that.

I had one more chance to play around with placement... hmmm... centered?  To the left or right...?

Decision made - time to staple this baby!  I started with a row across the top edge, holding taut.

Then I need to try out how to do the corners to keep things as smooth as possible.

Time to finish stapling.
Flip it over and...
Love the way the wave are the focus!

Time to try the other one...

Same process, fun result!

I like how they hang a bit off center and run together.  Either is pretty cool by itself, but as a pair, much more interesting.

Do you have any fabric that you could give a try with?  Let's see it!

Have a creative day,

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