Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting ready for first Market Day of the season!

I spent a portion of Mother's Day playing around with my Fresh Chicks Market display - my idea of a good time!  The day was absolutely gorgeous and I was experimenting with some new ideas.  I share Mother's Day every few years with hubby's birthday, so he went off into the woods with the 4-wheeler, a pair of loppers and a chainsaw and was happy as a clam.  :)  (FYI: we DID have a lovely dinner in the evening!)

But I wanted to show you some pix of what I am going to try and re-create in a few hours. It was pretty breezy, but still worked pretty well. 
 The batik banner above will be strung along the middle.
 I found that in the gap between the two poles, I can also hang more yardage.  This year is the first time I am bringing yardage with me.  Being a touchy-feely sort of person myself, thought others might like it.  LOTS of good color, too!
Isn't this hanging storage from IKEA perfect?!?  It has super strong Velcro at the top (you can kind of see it) and made great use of the space. 

I'll post some pix tomorrow of how it looked when finished.
Do any of you set up a space at fairs or markets?  What do you sell?  Want to share display ideas?  I'll add a Linky Tool at the bottom of the page for you!

Have a great day - I'm SOOOOO excited!

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