Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LOVE Banner... just had to share!

Double bonus for today, folks!

Do you need a quick decoration for Thursday?  You totally should try this one!  I got the idea from creativegreenliving.com .  Here is a link to her creation.  She used book pages, thereby making it more repurposed.  I would definitely try that another time...or with another project...yup, you'll be seeing THIS again!

 First, you'll need the following materials:
  • paper or book pages for the banner
  • red or pink paper for the hearts
  • decorations - I happened to have a couple of Valentine die cuts for my Sizzix
  • yarn, jute, string, etc to hang the banner

To make the banner, I took a piece of 8 1/2" x 11", fold it it the "hot dog way" (I taught 2nd grade for quite a while....) and cut out a triangle.  The first one was too deep.  This cut seemed to create what I wanted.

I laid the sample on another piece and cut out the triangle.  This kept there from being a line in all my pieces.  (I used the pink just to show contrast...though you could use any color you want!!)

Time to make the hearts!  I created them the same way - folding a piece of paper in half and then cutting the shape out till I got one I liked.
Next, grab a sharpie and write your letters.  I liked the ones Carissa used on her blog, so I copied them.

Next, I added a few cut outs.  If you use book pages, you might not need/want to do that.  Or you might have some stickers....like doodling...you name it!  It's YOUR banner!

 Time to attach them to the yarn.  I flipped them over and folded an edge to create a sleeve.

Then I drew on a bead of glue and pressed it down.

At this point, I need to inject some humor.  Kind of an "oopsie" moment here.  When I flipped it over look what I spelled?!?!?!  "E V O L"  yup... a bit of dyslexia here!

As you can see from the finished banner at the top, I was able to correct my mistake.  Should you make the same one, un-thread the banner, tie a safety pin on the end and poke it through with a kabob stick!  Yup... works just fine!

I will have to try other ones as this was fun and easy.  Off to make some lunch!
Have a great day, all and quilty hugs!

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