Tuesday, February 12, 2013

With 2 days to go...hopping hubby doesn't catch wind!!

Good morning, All!

I thought if anyone else was down to the wire for the big day, you might want an idea or two that might fit your time available!  Thought I might share what's in the works for the hubster for V-Day...  I have a card idea, a framed subway art I downloaded, some sweet goodies.

Feel free to borrow any of the ideas! 

Here's the card.... a bit of handmade mushy-ness!  

 First, cut out a heart from fabric.  I decided to layer it and cut one out of felt, just a bit bigger to "mount" the first heart on.

 I sewed them together and then sewed them both on with a zigzag stitch to the  cardstock.

 Next, time to pull out some scrapbooking goodies - it's a bit hard to see, but the lettering is white.  It shows up better below:

Viola!  What's inside?  Well (**blushing**) that's between the hubby and I!  Tee hee!

Now... I also downloaded and printed some perfect Subway Art from thecreativegirl.com.  She created a perfect Valentine's Day piece of art! Here's a link and here's a look!  (I had a little trouble with the lighting here...sorry!)

Lastly, something sweet!  Whitt is a lover of all things Reese.  That being said, I found a GREAT recipe for Peanut Butter cups here.  I made a batch and they are pretty tasty.  The recipe came from over at Blue Eyed Bakers.com .  A bit of peanut butter, some butter and graham crackers make up the base while yummy chocolate chips and milk form the chocolate layer.  The sea salt sprinkled on top finishes it off.  Stop by their site for further directions.  Here's my result:

They are YUMMY!  I did find them a bit softer than I anticipated, but the peanutty-chocolatey-salty goodness you produce?  Yah... soft is NO biggie!

Now, to the girls he works with... DON'T tell!  I am thinking he might even share some of the treats with you!!  He won't be getting them till Thursday morning....so keep quiet!  Hehehe!

Quilty hugs!

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