Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fabric Covered Headband

Good morning!

For the first time in 38 years (the last time I had long hair I was in 8th grade - you do the math...), I am letting my hair grow out. It's a bit of a big deal, well, at least for me. 38 years of many different styles (some good, some not so good)- but pretty much all VERY short.

Well, I'm experimenting, trying something new, stepping outside my box! If you've ever tried to grow out short hair, you'll know my struggles. Particularly since I am unwilling to let go of the bangs, the rest is in process, the bangs? Staying for now. To that end, I need to get "it " (meaning my hair in general) OUT of my face!

I haven't been successful with the cloth headbands so far - I will post a picture of one I love, it's so cute, but can't keep it in! Lumpy head, I guess. My best bet has been the $1 ones,   Keep your eye out at the box stores for sets for $1 - a GREAT deal!  A girl needs a bit of color, so I am playing around with covering them with fabric. I particularly like how this one came out AND it's so easy I can barely stand it!

You will need a headband to cover, fabric, a rotary cutter, ruler and a needle and thread.

Begin by cutting a 2" strip from the width of the fabric (44" in this case).

Fold the strip in half along it's length.

I didn't do a picture of this part, didn't have enough hands, but you need to make a little "pocket" to hold the end of the headband and then fold nice and tightly around it as you begin.

Once you have that on, begin winding the fabric around and around - I went over about 1/4" of the previous fold, keeping it nice and tight.

When you get to the other end, I like to use a "handy dandy clip" while I play around with how much I need to keep on, how I going to fold it, then cut it off.

Some quick stitches with a coordinating thread and viola! 

I would LOVE to see any you come up with!  Let us know!
Have a creative day, all!


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