Saturday, March 10, 2012

Couple of quick necklaces

Good morning from snowy NH -
We haven't much of any all winter and we've had snow several times in March!! We are sooooo ready for spring around here!

Today is just a visual of a couple of necklaces I put together.

The purple one on the right was a pendant I purchased on Etsy - the ribbon it's on, which I LOVE, was $.50 from Walmart!

The one on the right was a Lia Sophia piece that I originally put the dichronic glass pendant on, but because you can change it up so easily, I put on a set of Pandora bead knock-offs on! I love them both!

Would you like your own dichronic pendant?  There are some lovely ones on Etsy, like this:

You can check it out here.

Pop me a note if you have other creative ideas!
Off to work on my next involves a frame and wire...muhahahaha!

Have a great day!

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