Monday, March 12, 2012

Not everything comes out how you want...OR "My first attempt at an earring holder"

Good morning!

Well, I spent some time working on a project like many I'd seen on Pinterest.  It looked easy: a frame, some wire (mine ended up being screening), a bit of paint... you know the drill.

I had to do it in stages, as painting was involved and basically it cost me $1.99 (for the used frame at Goodwill), so I can't complain.

Here's the process:

1. I began by disassembling and re-purposing a picture frame I picked up at Goodwill.   The glass may have use down the road.

2. I decided to paint it blue, as you can see.

3. It was kind of blah, so I took a darker blue and a scrunched up piece of tissue to give a bit of "texture" and blotted all over.

4.  At that point I was ready for the screen.  I was originally going to string 2 pieces of wire, and I may still re-do the project at some point, but I didn't have any on hand.  I did, or should I say Bri did, have a bit of screen scrap.

5.  So I measured and trimmed the screen to fit inside the frame, using handy dandy wire cutters.  Right, hubby forgot to mention trimming screening can HURT!  I got picked and scratched a few times... immediately deciding I didn't like working with screen!

6.  Once it was trimmed I stapled it into the frame (another opportunity for the wicked screen to bite me, which it did!)

7.  You will notice there was a piece of navy fabric there to back it, well, too dark, didn't show.  I decided to use a piece of colorful scrapbooking paper, which you can just barely see in the next photo.

I don't know.... it just didn't come out how I pictured.  My girls thought it was lovely and cool, so, maybe it's not as bad as I thought!

Oh well, my lesson there is two-fold:
#1.  Things don't come out as you planned;
#2.  They don't always come out perfect;
#3.  Maybe I work better in fabric than.... well, "other" mediums?  We shall see!

Happy crafting, all!

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