Saturday, March 31, 2012

Experimenting with Nail Art

My youngest DD and I have been having some fun with nail polish and such things for awhile.  When we were down in Florida at a "flea market" we were introduced to "nail art."  Perhaps its because we are from a small town in New Hampshire, but we'd never seen things, though some of the high school girls I work with said they'd seen it on TV!  We purchased a great little set that allows us to "stamp" designs on our nails, over nail polish - oh my, how cool?!?! 

While adding to our polish stash one day, I ran across fimo rods for use in nail art!  So.... I got a package of oh...60 or so!!!

*** I tucked a pair in the package for the drawing on Sunday night, so that someone else can have some fun!

Here's how it works:
Fimo "rod" of stars

First, you need to slice pieces off the rod.  What seemed thin enough as I cut with the scalpel (yup.. a real one!  YIKES!) ended up NOT being thin enough, but it was our first try, so, live and learn.  I tried using an XActo, wasn't sharp enough!  You really need almost paper thin.  Be VERY aware this is done with a VERY sharp instrument, so if you are working with a child YOU do the cutting!!  BE SAFE!!!

Next, you apply a dot of clear polish to your nail  (JUST A SMALL ONE TO ADHERE THE FIMO), stick the fimo on the dot, let it dry and cover with a thin coat of clear over the whole nail.

The YouTube videos I watched to learn this showed some wonderful painting being done WITH it - for fun - stems on flowers and such.  It was a bit beyond my level at this point - I am happy to do my nails and have the polish NOT on my fingers!!!

It was fun!  Looking for info?  Google "Nail Art" and all sorts of sites come up!  Head on over to eBay and type in "Nail Art Fimo Rods" and viola!  Just remember: paper thin!!  I hope to do better next time!

Have a great day,

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