Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rollo Candy Cookies... aka: chocolate addiction!

Good morning, everyone!

I promised to start posting to my Pinterest Pinning Party, so it begins!

The first goodie I'd like to share is Rollo Candy Cookies! Oh my, but they WERE delish ... even the big glop that was several cookies all gooey together when DD #2 tried to scrape too warm cookies off the cookie sheet - actually, that was more like a cookie candy!!

Here are the LAST two to survive - and they only lasted a few minutes after the picture, and that wasn't when they were warm!

Wouldn't you LOVE to know how to make these?  Pop on over to My Baking Addiction and you'll find it there.  The key, according to my daughters, is to freeze the Rollos - if you don't, well.... you can just imagine!  You can find her on Facebook, as well, at My Baking Addiction.

WARNING: While you are there I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any addictive cooking that results!!  Muahahahahaha!
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