Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Weekend "Haul" = a Pinterest Challenge for YOU!

Good morning, everyone!

I wasn't able to zip in over the last couple of days as I was, uhmm... "collecting materials for creative research" (AKA: SHOPPING!)

Here is some of what I "discovered" (AKA: found, scrounged and/or bought!!):

So here is the Pinterest Challenge for you!

  1. Look over what you see in the photo.
  2. Look through my Pinterest boards and see which of the above are potential projects from there!
  3. Post your guesses below (one post for EACH guess).
  4. Sunday, April 1st I will use a random draw from all the guesses to pick a winner who will receive a flat rate FILLED with creative goodies!!  Some of what you see above will be included PLUS fabrics from my extensive stash, some scrapbooking goodies and more....oh joy!!
YOU can get your own "Pinterest Projects I've Made" board going!

So, take a look at the shot above and then head over to my Pinterest boards to see what you think!
Click on this image and come on over! 
Happy pinning and creating!  I know I am going to have a GREAT day getting started!


  1. Spring Door Decor!!! Let me know if you try it... I am nervous myself :)

  2. DIY Frame Key Holder, coasters with the tiles, and the headboard curtain with quotes. You're going to be busy this weekend!

  3. Laurie, You are the winner - message me and congrats!