Wednesday, March 7, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Rag Wreath

So today's post (sorry it's a bit late in the away from me!) is about a combination I found on Pinterest: a rag wreath and a "rag" shamrock that I saw.

First, there was a sweet "rag" shamrock - her's is MUCH sweeter than mine, but, I learned some things, like size DOES make a difference... just sayin'...

You can find this available a link on my Pinterest board here.

and here is the wreath that got me thinking:
You can find it here .

So here are a FEW things I learn in this process:
  1. It's OKAY to build the wreath on a wire hanger - you DON'T need to add anything to make it stronger. 
  2. It's OKAY because if you do build it on a hanger, all you have to do is slide the pieces together to make it nice and full.
  3. If YOU decide to "build" a frame, with say.... oh I don't know, a cardboard ring, YOU will NOT be able to slide the fabric. YOU will have to squoosh and keep finding ways to fill out the wreath...just sayin'...
  4. The hearts you make like a rag quilt?  Make them a bit smaller than I did and perhaps rounder?  That would make a better looking shamrock.
So, that being said, here is my rendition of a St. Paddy's Day wreath!  It's cute.  I completed it.  Life is good!

If you decide to make one, show us!!  Send an email, post on the Facebook page, Pin it!!  Muahahahaha!

Till next we meet,

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